EDKINS - Sources for EDK00005.

Census: 30th March 1851

1851 Welford, Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire (2074-453-18)
Edward EDKINS Head51Farmer Of 13 Acres Employing 1 Indoor LabWelford-GLS
Frances EDKINSWife40 Welford-GLS
Sarah EDKINSDaur20Farmers DauWelford-GLS
Martha EDKINSDaur17Farmers DauWelford-GLS
William EDKINSSon12Farmers SonWelford-GLS
Ann EDKINSDaur9Farmers DauWelford-GLS
John EDKINSSon7Farmers SonWelford-GLS
Mary EDKINSDaur6Farmers DauWelford-GLS
Edward EDKINSSon3Farmers SonWelford-GLS

Census: 3rd April 1881

1881 Welford, GLS (3102-46-14)
Frances EDKINS Head(W)70Farmer 9 acresWelford on Avon
Edward EDKINSSon30 Welford on Avon
Mary F EDKINSDau28 Welford on Avon
Oscar E EDKINSGrandson7 Handsworth

1881 Welford, GLS (3102-46-14)
William EDKINS Head41Agricultural LabourerWelford on Avon
Emma EDKINSWife41 Shottery
Frances S EDKINSDau12ScholarBirmingham
Henry E EDKINSSon10ScholarWelford on Avon
Lucy EDKINSDau5ScholarWelford on Avon
Ernest W EDKINSSon3 Welford on Avon
Cf BCI (1878M): Ernest William Edkins, Stratford

Census: 5th April 1891

1891 Welford, GLS
William EDKINS Head52Agricultural LabourerWelford
Emma EDKINSWife52 Shottery
Frances EDKINSDau22 Welford
Lucy EDKINSDau16 Welford
Ernest EDKINSSon13ScholarWelford
Cicely EDKINSDau5 Welford

Parish Registers

Birmingham (St Martin), WAR (IGI)
William EDKINS= Emma BERRY14 Sep 1868
Frances Sarahd. of William & Emma EDKINS19 Apr 1869
Ebrington, GLS (IGI)
Edward ETKINS= Ann WATERS15 Apr 1812
Welford-on-Avon, GLS (IGI)
Edwards. of Thomas & Ann EDKINS15 Apr 1799
Smiths. of Edward & Ann EDKINS10 Apr 1814
Mary Annd. of Edward & Ann EDKINS15 Apr 1816
Dianad. of Edward & Ann EDKINS30 Dec 1818
Charlesd. of Edward & Ann EDKINS24 May 1822
Harrietd. of Edward & Ann EDKINS20 Feb 1825
Janed. of Edward & Ann EDKINS15 Apr 1827
Smiths. of Edward & Ann EDKINS22 Jul 1833
Williams. of Edward & Ann EDKINS22 Jul 1833
Edward EDKINS= Frances JACKSON25 Sep 1827
Sarah Jacksond. of Edward & Frances EDKINS16 May 1831
Marthad. of Edward & Frances EDKINS08 Dec 1833
Thomass. of Edward & Frances EDKINS04 Aug 1836
Williams. of Edward & Frances EDKINS25 Oct 1838
John Edwards. of Edward & Frances EDKINS20 Aug 1843
Mary Francesd. of Edward & Frances EDKINS29 Dec 1846
Edwards. of Edward & Frances EDKINS05 Aug 1848
Frances Elizabethd. of Edward & Frances EDKINS10 Aug 1851
Eleanord. of Jane EDKINS24 Jun 1849
Ann Elizabethd. of William & Esther EDKINS10 Oct 1858
William Edwards. of William & Esther EDKINS01 Feb 1863
Henry Edwards. of William & Emma EDKINS20 Feb 1872
Lucyd. of William & Emma EDKINS24 Mar 1875
Oscar Edwards. of Edward & Elizabeth EDKINS08 Mar 1873

Monumental Inscriptions

Welford-on-Avon, St Peter

Mary Edkins daughter of John & Mary Edkins of Bintonbridge in this parish who died 28th Dec [1811] aged 22 years.
Forgive blest shade! The tributary rears
That mourns your exit, from a world like this.
Forgive the wish, that wou'd have kept you here
And stay'd your progress to the realms of bliss.
No more confin'd to grov'ling scenes of night
No more frail remnant, pent in mortal clay
Now shou'd I rather hail your glorious flight
And trace your journey to the realms of day.