EDKINS - Sources for EDK00012.

Census: 30th March 1851

1851 Bk Of 33 Harding St, Birmingham, WAR (2058-765-44)
John EDKINS Head43Brick MakerRouington-War
Mary EDKINSWife40 Stonnall-Stf
Thomas EDKINSSon19EngineerAston-War
George EDKINSSon17Brick MakerAston-War
Sarah EDKINSDaur13 Birmm-War
Ann EDKINSDaur8ScholarBirmm-War
Samuel EDKINSSon3 Birmm-War
Eliza EDKINSDaur3 Birmm-War

1851 Potters Field, Aston, WAR (2062-90-28)
William EDKINS Head50LabourerRowington-Warwk
Alice EDKINSWife45 Aston-Warwk
William EDKINSSon24Journeyman Brass FounderAston-Warwk
Samuel EDKINSSon21Wire WorkerAston-Warwk
Eliza EDKINSDaur13 Aston-Warwk
Elijah EDKINSSon5 Aston-Warwk

1851 Yardley, Solihull, WAR (2071-9-11)
Thomas EDKINS Head46Railway Plate LayerRowington-Warwick
Martha EDKINSWife38 Walton On Trent-Derby
Thomas EDKINSSon14LabourerAston-Warwick
Hannah EDKINSDaur11ScholarAston-Warwick
George EDKINSSon5 Aston-Warwick
William EDKINSSon2 Aston-Warwick
Mary Ann EDKINSDaur4m Yardley-Worcester

Census: 3rd April 1881

1881 300 Farm Street, Birmingham, WAR (2998-109-36)
George EDKINS Head47LabourerYenton or Erdington WAR
Mary EDKINSWife40JapannerBirmingham WAR
William EDKINSSon15Carrier BrickBirmingham WAR
Henry EDKINSSon11ScholarBirmingham WAR
Samuel EDKINSSon7ScholarBirmingham WAR
George EDKINSSon5ScholarBirmingham WAR

1881 14 Wheeler St, Aston Manor, WAR (3038-65-22)
Samuel EDKINS Head51ShopkeeperAston WAR
Mary A EDKINSWife48ShopkeeperAston WAR
Samuel EDKINSSon24Jewellers ClerkAston WAR
Rosina EDKINSDau22UnemployedAston WAR
Eugenie EDKINSDau19Jewellers War+Aston WAR
Kate EDKINSDau16Jewellers War+Birmingham WAR
Sidney H EDKINSSon9ScholarBirmingham WAR
Cf BCI (1871S): Sidney Herbert Edkins, Birmingham

1881 Yardley, WOR (3083-37-10)
William EDKINS Head36Ag LabYardley WOR
Martha EDKINSMth(Wdw)68LaundressWalton WAR
Henry EDKINSBro26Ag LabYardley WOR

1881 Yardley, WOR (3083-37-10)
George EDKINS Head34Ag LabYardley WOR
Harriet EDKINSWife32 Coleshill WAR
George EDKINSSon9ScholarYardley WOR
Mary E EDKINSDau8ScholarYardley WOR
Charlotte EDKINSDau6ScholarYardley WOR
William EDKINSSon5 Yardley WOR
Harry EDKINSSon1 Yardley WOR

Census: 31 Mar 1901

1901 Yardley, WOR. Page 1512079, persons 36111049-58
George Edkins54Stechford WorcestershireGeneral Labourer
Harriet Edkins53Coleshill Warwicks 
George Edkins29Yardley WorcesterNavoy
Mary Edkins28Yardley WorcesterDressmaker
William Edkins24Yardley WorcesterNight Oil Man
Harry Edkins21Yardley WorcesterCarter On Farm
Charles Edkins19Yardley WorcesterCarter On Coal Wharf
Frank Edkins15Yardley WorcesterGrocers Assistant
Arthur Edkins12Yardley Worcester 
Kate Edkins8Yardley Worcester 

1901 Yardley, WOR. Page 1512091, persons 36111387-92
Henry Edkins43Yardley WorcsForeman Yardley R W Council
Emily Edkins39Liverpool Lancashire 
Cf MCI (1882D): Emily Eliza Walmsley, King's N. 6c 883
Walter Edkins17WorcsBottler In Brewery
Henry Edkins15Yardley WorcsBottler Cellar Winery
Frederick Edkins13Yardley WorcsBottler Cellar Winery
Edith Edkins8Yardley Worcs 
Cf BCI (1892S): Edith Martha Edkins, Solihull

1901 Handsworth, STS. Page 1366371, persons 32663729-32
Sidney Edkins29Bham WarwksJeweller Ring Maker
Mary Edkins29Balsall Heath Worcs 
Herbert Edkins5Aston Warwks 
Cf BCI (1895J): Herbert Samuel Edkins, Aston
Frances Edkins3Sutton Coldfield Warwks 
Cf BCI (1898M): Frances Eugenia Edkins, Aston

Parish Registers

Aston juxta Birmingham, WAR (IGI)
Johns. of William & Alice EDKINS13 Nov 1825
Williams. of William & Alice EDKINS25 Mar 1827
Elizad. of William & Alice EDKINS10 Mar 1839
Jonathans. of William & Alice EDKINS26 Dec 1841
Samuel EDKINS= Mary Ann ROSE02 Oct 1853
Williams. of Samuel & Mary Ann EDKINS05 Feb 1854
Samuels. of Samuel & Mary Ann EDKINS27 Apr 1856
Rosinad. of Samuel & Mary Ann EDKINS09 Jan 1859
Eugenied. of Samuel & Mary Ann EDKINS08 Sep 1861
Kated. of Samuel & Mary Ann EDKINS15 May 1864
Sidney Herberts. of Samuel & Mary Ann ETKINS17 Sep 1871
Birmingham (St Matthias), WAR (IGI)
Georged. of George & Mary EDKINS26 Dec 1875
Handsworth, St Mary's, WAR (IGI)
William EDKINS= Alice HILTON17 Jul 1825
Rowington, WAR (IGI)
Elizabethd. of Samuel & Sarah EDKINS11 Aug 1811
Johns. of Samuel & Sarah EDKINS11 Aug 1811
Thos.s. of Samuel & Sarah EDKINS11 Aug 1811
Wm.s. of Samuel & Sarah EDKINS11 Aug 1811
These dates are not a mistake (of mine anyway!)
Mariad. of Samuel & Sarah EDKINS22 Aug 1817
Georges. of Samuel & Sarah ADKINS07 Jun 1819
Stratford-on-Avon (Holy Trinity), WAR (IGI)
Sarahd. of Samuel & Sarah EDKINS17 Jan 1802

War Graves

Cemetery: ST. SEVER CEMETERY, ROUEN, Seine-Maritime, France
Grave Reference: B. 17. 10.
In Memory of
Private 15189
3rd Bn., Coldstream Guards
Thursday, 21st September 1916. Age 27.
Additional Information:
Son of Harriet Edkins, of Woodbine Cottages, Lea Hall Rd., Yardley, Birmingham.