EDKINS - Sources for EDK00014.

Census: 30th March 1851

1851 Ashton Rd, Long Ashton, SOM
Michael EDKINS Head31House BuilderBristol
Lucy EDKINSWife26 Huntspill, Som.
Blanche EDKINSDaughter13mth Long Ashton
Colston EDKINSSon5mth Long Ashton

1851 2 Queen Square, Bristol, GLS
William EDKINS Head38Builder Master emp. 65 menBristol
Elizabeth EDKINSWife35 Chepstow, Mon.
Rose Elizabeth EDKINSDaughter3 Bristol
William EDKINSSon2 Bristol
Elizabeth Sarah EDKINSDaughter7mth Bristol

Census: 7th April 1861

1861 59 Queen Square, Bristol, GLS
William EDKINS Head48BuilderBristol
Elizabeth EDKINSWife45 Chepstow, Mon.
Rose EDKINSDaughter13 Bristol
William EDKINSSon12 Bristol
Elizabeth EDKINSDaughter10 Bristol
Kate EDKINSDaughter9 Bristol
Mary EDKINSDaughter8 Bristol
Arthur EDKINSSon6 Bristol
Cf BCI (1854D): Arthur Garratt Edkins, Bristol
Florence EDKINSDaughter4 Bristol
Cf BCI (1856J): Susannah Florence Edkins, Bristol
Edith EDKINSDaughter1 Bristol
Cf BCI (1859): Edith Margaret Edkins, Bristol

Census: 3rd April 1881

1881 Bristol, GLS (2478-36-8)
William EDKINS Head32Building ContractorBristol GLS
Susan EDKINSWife29 GLA

1881 Bristol, GLS (2478-43-22)
William EDKINS Head68Master BuilderBristol GLS
Elizabeth EDKINSWife65 Chepstow MON
Elizabeth S EDKINSDau30NoneBristol GLS
Susanna F EDKINSDau24NoneBristol GLS
Edith M EDKINSDau21NoneBristol GLS

1881 Westbury on Severn, GLS (2502-119-9)
Colston EDKINS Head30Commercial TravellerLong Ashton SOM
Ada Alice Thornley EDKINSWife32 Bristol GLS
Cf MCI (1876D): Ada Alice T Shepherd, Bristol 6a 129
Ethel EDKINSDau3 Westbury on Severn GLS
Marshal EDKINSSon2 Clifton GLS
Edward Colston EDKINSSon1 Clifton GLS

Census: 5th April 1891

1891 Glenthorne, Abbotsford Rd, Bristol, GLS
Colston EDKINS Head40Commercial TravellerLong Ashton
Ada Alice EDKINSWife41 Bristol
Esther Gabriel EDKINSDaughter13 Foster Down, Bristol
Michael EDKINSSon12 Bristol
Percival EDKINSSon8 Bristol
Violet EDKINSDaughter4 Bristol
Cf BCI (1887J): Violet Orynthia Edkins, Barton Regis
Mary Cornelia MilsomNiece27 New York, America

Census: 31 Mar 1901

1901 Bristol. Page 163745, persons 4004436-8
Michael Edkins22Glos CliftonEstate Agent
Percy Edkins18Glos RedlandBank Clerk
Violet Edkins14Glos Redland 

1891 15 West Shrubbery, Bristol, GLS
Lucy A EDKINS Head66(Widow)Huntspill, SOM
Blanche EDKINSDaughter41 Ashton
Jessie EDKINSDaughter37School GovernessBristol
Elizabeth SaundersSister64(Spinster)Huntspill, SOM

1891 12 Charlotte Street, Bristol, GLS
Elizabeth EDKINS Head75(Widow)Chepstow, Mon.
William EDKINSSon42ContractorSt Nicholas, Bristol
Elizabeth S EDKINSDaughter39 St Nicholas, Bristol
Susannah F EDKINSDaughter34 St Nicholas, Bristol

Parish Registers

Birmingham (St Martin), WAR
Joseph EDKINS = Ann TAYLOR26 Dec 1733
Jamess. of Joseph EDKINS05 Jan 1729
Michaels. of Joseph EDKINS02 Oct 1733
Josephs. of Joseph EDKINS28 Oct 1740
Bristol (St Augustine the Less), GLS
Michael EDKINS = Elizabeth JAMES28 Apr 1755
Both of this parish. Bride signed as Betty James
Bristol (St James), GLS
Charles EDKINS = Harriett Willitts24 Apr 1837
Michael Johns. of Michael & Mary Ann EDKINS20 Jun 1835
Elizabeth Fitchewd. of Michael & Mary Ann EDKINS23 Oct 1837
Charless. of Michael & Mary Ann EDKINS05 Jul 1840
Bristol (St Mary le Port), GLS
Susanna EDKINS this parish = Joseph Powell St Paul27 Nov 1803
William EDKINS this parish = Ann Garratt Bedminster24 Dec 1807
Rebecca Edith EDKINS this parish = William Lloyd St Michael25 Mar 1809
Bristol (St Marys Redcliffe), GLS (IGI)
Janed. of Michael & Elizabeth EDKINS11 Nov 1759
Elizabethd. of Michael & Elizabeth EDKINS29 Mar 1762
Annd. of Michael EDKINS2 May 1766
Susannahd. of Michael & Betty EDKINS10 May 1771
Bristol (St Michael), GLS
Michael EDKINS (wdr) = Mary Ann Semper08 May 1832
Bristol (St Paul), GLS
Michael EDKINS = Hannah Blandford26 Feb 1811
Huntspill, SOM
Michael EDKINS = Lucy Ann Saunders1848

Australian Death Records

Stanley EDKINS, son of Michael EDKINS and Lucy Anne SAUNDERS, died in Bendigo in 1919, aged 62

Lucy EDKINS, died in VIC aged 88 in 1942; Daughter of Michael EDKINS and Lucy Ann SAUNDERS


Will of Michael EDKINS
Made: 24 Jun 1811. Proved 19 Nov 1811.
In the name of God Amen. I Michael Edkins of the City of Bristol Painter being of sound mind memory and understanding tho' weak & sick in body do for the settlement of my worldly affairs and in order to prevent any litigation which might otherwise arise Make publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament as follows. Whereas I think it my duty to my other Children to state that it is out of no ill will or prejudice against them that I am indeed to give my property as hereafter mentioned but as an act of justice & as a small return for the particular attentions I have received under my son William's roof, & more particularly as the property over which I have a disposing power has principally arisen from his own exertions. I do therefore Give and bequeath all my Goods chattles Estate & Effects of every description sort and kind soever which I am possessed or entitled unto or shall or may hereafter become entitled unto, unto my son William Edkins To hold the same and every part thereof unto my said son William Edkins his Executors Administrators and Assigns as his own property forever. And I request my said son William to pay my just debts as soon as can be after my decease. And I do hereby revoke all former wills by me at any time made And declare my said son William Edkins sole Executor of this my will. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty fourth day of June One thousand Eight hundred and Eleven.

Extract of Will of William EDKINS, "the elder"
Proved: July 1847 (Quire 568)
Living at Long Ashton, Somerset: carrying on business at 37 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
Refers to "his late wife Ann Edkins".
Executors: his sons William and Michael
Bequests to his other children:
Daughters - Susannah Edkins, Ann Garratt Quirk(?), Emma Woodruff Edkins
Sons - Thomas Garratt Edkins, Edwin Edkins, John Harford Edkins, Henry Edkins