EDKINS - Sources for EDK00018.

Census: 2nd April 1871

1871 142e Richmond Rd, Dalston, SRY (324-2)
Michael J EDKINS Head37Booksellers AsstBristol
Sophia EDKINSWife28 Sheffield SAL
Cf BCI (1863M): George Edwin Edkins, Hackney
John Henry EDKINSSon6 Ketley SAL
Kate Elizabeth EDKINSDau3 LND

Census: 3rd April 1881

1881 Hackney, LND (301-49-32)
Michael J EDKINS Head45Booksellers AsstBristol
(Transcribed as EAKINS in the LDS Index)
Hannah S EDKINSWife38 Sheffield SAL
John H EDKINSSon16Bookbinders AsstKetley SAL
Samuel T EDKINSSon14Tie MakerLND
Florence S EDKINSDau9 LND
Cf BCI (1871J): Florence Sophia Edkins, Hackney
Cf BCI (1875J): Albert Sidney Edkins, Hackney
William EDKINSDau3 LND
Cf BCI (1878J): William Miles Edkins, Hackney
Cf BCI (1880M): Muriel Louise Edkins, Hackney

Census: 31 Mar 1901

1901 St Mary Stratford Bow, LND. Page 41634, persons 1085235-9
Samuel Edkins33Ldn HackneyFruit Hawker
Alice Edkins28Ireland 
Cf MCI (1895S): Alice Murray, Mile End 1c 684
Margaret Edkins4London Bow 
Cf BCI (1896S): Ellen Margaret Edkins, Mile End
Samuel Edkins2London Bow 
Cf BCI (1898J): Samuel Joseph Edkins, Mile End
John Edkins1London Bow 
Cf BCI (1900M): John Michael Edkins, Poplar

1901 Walthamstow, ESS. Page 635634, persons 15401551-5 Johns Edkins36SalopCoal Dealer Florence Edkins30Essex Walthamstow  Muriel Edkins8Essex Walthamstow  William Edkins6Essex Walthamstow  Cf BCI (1894J): William Henry Edkins, West Ham John Edkins11MEssex Walthamstow  Cf BCI (1900J): John Sidney Edkins, West Ham


Birth - Registration District: Rochford
Sub-District: Southend on Sea
Where & when born Name Father Mother
Tenth August 1920
26 Campbell Road
Southend on Sea
Stanley Arthur Sidney Albert Edkins,
Sand Binner
(Borough Council)
Grace Edkins
formerly Ball

Family Bible

Transcript provided by Michael Edkins

First Page "The Family Register of" :
Michael John Edkins born in Bristol May 22nd 1835
Hannah Sophia Turner born in Parish of St Georges (?), Salop, Shiffical (?) July 16th 1842
MARRIED at the Parish Church of Wellington, Salop April 26th 1862

Next page - BIRTHS
George Edwin, London (Hackney) February 19th 1863
John Henry, Kettey (?), Nr Wellington Salop September 2nd 1864
Samuel Turner, Hackney London May 22nd 1866
Katie Elizabeth, Hackney London October 13th 1867
Lucy, Hackney London August 31st 1869
Florence Sophia, Hackney London May 4th 1871
Albert William, Dalston London April 5th 1873
Sidney Albert, Dalston London April 22nd 1875
William Miles, Dalston London April 1st (?) 1878
Muriel Louise, Dalston London February 17th 1880

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Florence Sophia ... T (?) Trudgett
"both dead leaving one son Victor" .....!

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Albert William Died July 21st 1874
buried July 27th in Abrey (?) Park Cemetary
George Edwin December 2nd 1880
buried in grave in Abrey (?) Park Cemetary
Katie Elizabeth July 21st 1884 Abrey Park Cemetary
Hannah Sophia Sunday July 29th 1885 St Mary's Reyton
Florence Sophia Cape Town June 19th 1898

Michael John Edkins May 29th 1920
Samuel Turner Edkins May 24th 1922