EDKINS - Sources for EDK00020.

Census: 30th March 1851

1851 5 Chapel Place, Fulham, LND (1471-293)
John C EDKINS Head42Commercial Traveller for CoffeeSt James LND
Elizabeth EDKINSWife28 Cavendish SFK
John EDKINSSon7ScholarHammersmith MID
Alfred E EDKINSSon20m St James LND
Cf BCI (1849S): Alfred Edward Edkins, St James
Maria FROSTNiece19MillinerCavendish SFK

1851 103 High Street, Hampstead, LND (1492-98v)
Elizabeth EDKINS Head75FundholderSt Giles LND

Census: 3rd April 1881

1881 St Annes Soho, LND (0132-90-37)
Alfred E EDKINS Head32CarmanWestminster MID
Elizabeth EDKINSWife28 Southwark SRY
Elizabeth EDKINSDau7 St Annes Soho LND
Alfred EDKINSSon4 St Annes Soho MID
Cf BCI (1877J): Alfred John Edkins, Westminster

1881 Marylebone, MID (0146-56-4)
John EDKINS Head37ChemistHammersmith MID
Rebecca EDKINSWife38 Orpington KEN
Elizabeth EDKINSDau16ScholarWalworth SRY
Thomas EDKINSSon14Agricultural LabWalworth SRY
John EDKINSSon12ScholarWalworth SRY
Ernest EDKINSSon10ScholarWalworth SRY
Esther EDKINSDau7ScholarWalworth SRY
Cf BCI (1873D): Esther Mary Edkins, St Saviour
Fiche has "Rexy"
Son7ScholarWalworth SRY
Emily EDKINSDau5ScholarWalworth SRY
William EDKINSSon4ScholarMarylebone MID
Robert EDKINSSon2 Marylebone MID
Sidney EDKINSSon8m Marylebone MID

1881 Hackney, LND (0290-19-32)
Helen EDKINS Lodg63No occupationSt James Westminster
Emma EDKINSLodg60 St James Westminster

1881 Southwark, SRY (0527-58-1)
Charles EDKINS Head36Painters LabSouthwark SRY
Mary AnnWife33 BKM
CharlesSon14 Southwark SRY
Cf BCI (1866S): Charles F Edkins, St George
ElizabethDau12 SRY
AdaDau9 Southwark SRY
Cf BCI (1871J): Ada Emily Edkins, St Saviour
JosephSon7 SRY
Cf BCI (1873D): Joseph William Edkins, St Saviour
JackSon5 SRY
Cf BCI (1876D): John Edward J Edkins, St Saviour
RichardSon1 SRY
Cf BCI (1880M): Richard Francis Edkins, St Saviour

1881 Newington, SRY (0540-42-2)
John C EDKINS Head72Retired SchoolmasterWestminster
Amy ADau19Dress MakerNewington SRY
Cf BCI (1862M): Amy Alice Edkins, Newington

1881 Lambeth, SRY (0597-26-4)
Arthur EDKINS Head29PawnbrokerFulham MID
AmeliaWife31 Lambeth SRY
Arthur VSon4 Lambeth SRY
Cf BCI (1876D): Arthur Vass M Edkins, Camberwell

1881 West Ham, LND (1713-134-22)
Henry E EDKINS Head32Dock LabourerWalworth SRY
Cf BCI (1847J): Henry Edward Edkins, Newington
SarahWife35 Waterloo Rd SRY
RobertSon15 Southwark SRY
GeorgeSon11 Kennington SRY
Cf BCI (1869S): George Henry Edkins, Lambeth
ElizaDau8 Kennington SRY
HenrySon6 Canning Town ESS
JaneDau4 Canning Town ESS
WilliamSon8m Canning Town ESS

Census: 31 Mar 1901

1901 Reigate, SRY. Page 87934, person 2285854
Percy Edkins27London CamberwellClerk At Asylum

1901 St Andrew Holborn Above The Bars With St George The Martyr, LND
Page 418999, persons 10222882-8
Alfred Edkins57London WestminsterFurniture Porter
For consistency, age read as 52
Elizabeth Edkins48London Stoke Newington 
William Edkins18London Westminster 
Sydney Edkins16London Westminster 
Cf BCI (1884J): Sydney Leopold Edkins, Westminster
George Edkins14London Westminster 
Cf BCI (1887J): George Henry Edkins, Westminster
Albert Edkins12London Westminster 
Cf BCI (1889M): Albert Edward Edkins, Westminster
Amelia Edkins8London Bloomsbury 
Cf BCI (1892J): Amelia Clara Edkins, St Giles

1901 St Georges The Martyr Southwark, SRY. Page 437191, person 10691333-5
Charles Edkins34London SouthwarkGeneral Labourer
Cf MCI (1895D): Charles Frederick Edkins, St Saviour 1d 408
Mary Edkins30London LambethCollar Ironer
Cf MCI (1895D): Mary Jane Bethell, St Saviour 1d 408
Charles Edkins6MLondon Lambeth 
Cf BCI (1900D): Charles William Frederick Edkins, Lambeth

1901 Newington, LND. Page 439326, person 10747880-3
Arthur Edkins49London HammersmithBottle Washer
Amelia Edkins51London LambethCollar Ironer
Florence Edkins19London LambethBook Folder
Cf BCI (1881S): Florence Amy M Edkins, Lambeth
Ethel Edkins17London LambethBook Wrapperer
Cf BCI (1884M): Ethel Ada M Edkins, Lambeth

1901 West Ham, LND. Page 1485374, person 35490691-9
Robert Edkins36London SouthwarkCaretaker Of Club Premises
Alice Edkins37Sussex Bognor 
George Edkins16Surrey TootingPlumbers Apprentice
Robert Edkins12Essex Canning Town 
Cf BCI (1888D): Robert Alfred Edkins, West Ham
Cyril Edkins10Essex Canning Town 
William Edkins7Essex Canning Town 
Cf BCI (1893S): William Edward Edkins, West Ham
Alice Edkins5Essex Canning Town 
Cf BCI (1895S): Alice Eliza Edkins, West Ham
Frederick Edkins3Essex Plaistow 
Cf BCI (1897D): Frederick Henry Edkins, West Ham
Walter Edkins1MEssex Plaistow 

1901 West Ham, LND. Page 46440, person 1205878-80
Mary Edkins53Buckingham High WycombeChar Caner
Jno Edkins25Southwark LondonWarehouseman
Frank Edkins20Southwark LondonHair Dresser

Parish Registers

Richmond, SRY (BVR)
Annie Elizabethd. of John Charles & Elizabeth EDKINS20 Aug 1863


From Carole C---:

My Grandmother on my mothers side is Ethel Ada Edkins daughter to Arthur and Amelia Edkins (nee Milner) Lambeth. Ethel was born in 1884 in Kennington London: on her birth cert Arthur's occupation is Pawnbrokers Manager.

Arthur and Amelia were married on 23 Feb 1876 in Kennington London. Arthur's father's name on the Marriage cert is listed as John Charles Edkins, Schoolmaster.

Monumental Inscriptions

Abney Park Cemetery, Newington

Emma EDKINS bur. 26 Sep 1911, aged 91y


Extract of letters of administration of estate of John EDKINS
(Late of Upper Thames Street)
Granted: Mar 1820
to his widow Mary Edkins.

Extract of Will of John EDKINS
Proved: Jun 1823 (Quire 352)
Executors: Elizabeth Edkins spinster his daughter, Thomas Edkins his son, and John Porter.
Bequest of £1000 to his son Thomas Edkins of Coventry St.
Residue to his daughter Elizabeth Edkins.

Extract of Will of Thomas EDKINS
Proved: Aug 1825 (Quire 425)
Late of 20 Coventry Street, Westminster and 11 Park Place, Chelsea.
To his wife Sarah, household goods, £300 and a life interest on property not exceeding an income of £100. Any excess income in trust for the maintenance and education of his children.
To his son John Charles, 19 guineas "and the silver medal won by my father at the visitation of his late majesty George the Third to St Paul's Cathedral to return thanks for the restoration of his health."
A watch and steal with initials TE engraved upon it to his sister Elizabeth Edkins of Hampstead, Middx & the sum of 19 guineas to Mary Bower her servant; and minor non-family bequests.
Executors - his wife Sarah & his sister Elizabeth Edkins spinster.