EDKINS - Sources for EDK00025.

Census: 30th March 1851

1851 13 West Bromwich Road, Handsworth, STS
John EDKINS Head43LabourerGloucestershire
Mary EDKINSWife41Staffordshire Tipton
Matilda EDKINSDau6ScholarStaffordshire West Bromwich
Eliza Ann EDKINSDau3Staffordshire West Bromwich
William EDKINSSon3mthStaffordshire West Bromwich

1851 Church Street, Stratford on Avon, WAR (2074-245-28)
William Oakes HUNT Head56SolicitorStratford on Avon-WAR
Family and other servants of no concern to us
Elizabeth ROBERTSServ22HousemaidStratford on Avon-WAR
William EDKINSServ22GroomKings Norton-WOR

1851 Waterside, Stratford on Avon, WAR (2074-258-8)
William EDKINS Head41Coal Wharf LabourerStratford on Avon-WAR
Mary Ann EDKINSWife39 Stratford on Avon-WAR
Elizabeth EDKINSDau20 Stratford on Avon-WAR
Ann EDKINSDau18 Stratford on Avon-WAR

1851 Wood Street, Stratford On Avon, WAR (2074-300-6)
Thomas EDKINS Head38CurrierStratford On Avon-War
Hannah EDKINSWife38 Stratford On Avon-War
Betsy EDKINSDaur16Dress MakerStratford On Avon-War
Thomas EDKINSSon14ScholarStratford On Avon-War

1851 (Wootton Wawen) Henley In Arden Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire, WAR (2074-758-25)
Samuel G. EDKINS Head56Butcher & Farmer
Occupying 58 Acres 1 Lab
Mary EDKINSWife57 Packington-WAR
Mary EDKINSDaur20 Henley In Arden-WAR
Samuel G. EDKINSSon18Assistant To ParentHenley In Arden-WAR
Jane EDKINSDaur15 Henley In Arden-WAR
Louisa WAITENiec26 West Bromwich-STF

Census: 7th April 1861

1861 1 Not No Front(?) Asylum Rd, Birmingham
John EdkinsHead55LabourerBirmingham
MaryWife53Staffs Pellsell
CarolineDau in L21doBirmingham

Census: 2nd April 1871

1871 2 Bk 16 Gee St, Birmingham RG10/3124/23/29
Thomas EdkinsHead39Engine DriverBirmingham

Census: 3rd April 1881

1881 Wolstanton, STS (2710-35-21)
George EDKINS Head29GardenerSolihull WAR
Sarah Ann EDKINSWife25 Hullpar STS
George E EDKINSSon11m Epperstone NTT
Cf BCI (1880J): George Edward Edkins, Southwell

1881 Handsworh, STS (2832-19-31)
Mary EDKIN Head (W)71Tipton STS
Matilda EDKINDau43 West Bromwich STS
Eliza Ann EDKINDau33 West Bromwich STS

1881 Kingswinford, STS (2894-69-3)
William EDKINS Head29Licensed VictuallerWest Bromwich STS
Clara EDKINSWife28  
William E EDKINSSon11  
Fanny E EDKINSDau3 Smethwick STS
Cf BCI (1878M): Fanny Eliza Edkins, Kings Norton
Clara EDKINSDau10m Brierley Hill STS

1881 Worcester, WOR (2918-90-39)
Fredrick R EDKINS Head36LabourerB Eash?? HEF
John E EDKINSSon10ScholarWOR
Cf BCI (1870D): John Ernest Edkins, Worcester

1881 Powick, WOR (2921-20-3)
James A EDKINS Head25LabourerPershore WOR
Cf BCI (1856M): James Albert Edkins, Pershore
AliceWife25 Crowle WOR
EarnestSon13(!) Pershore WOR
AlberthaDau3 Powick WOR
But cf BCI (1878D): Albert James Edkins, Pershore, and see 1901 below

1881 Redditch, WOR (2942-83-2)
John E EDKINS Head21General LabourerRedditch WOR
Cf BCI (1860J): John Edmund Edkins, Bromsgrove
Sarah EDKINSWife19 Liverpool LAN
Ellen EDKINSDau5m Redditch WOR

1881 Lilly Croft Farm, Walkers Heath Road, Kings Norton, WOR (2945-99-13)
Thomas EDKINS Head49FarmerKings Norton WOR
Mary A EDKINSWife40 Kings Norton WOR
Joseph EDKINSSon18Farm LabKings Norton WOR
Mary J EDKINSDau16 Kings Norton WOR
Cf BCI (1864J): Mary Jane Edkins, Kings Norton
Ada H EDKINSDau15 Kings Norton WOR
Thomas EDKINSSon10ScholarKings Norton WOR
William EDKINSSon6ScholarKings Norton WOR
George EDKINSSon4ScholarKings Norton WOR
William EDKINSBro46Farm LabKings Norton WOR

1881 80 Park Lane, Aston, WAR (3042-77-14)
William EDKINS Head23Edge Tool MakerBirmingham WAR
Cf BCI (1857S): William James Edkins, Birmingham
Alice EDKINSWife21 Birmingham WAR
Ann EDKINSDau1 Birmingham WAR

1881 Yardley WOR (3084-14-20)
George EDKINS Head56GardenerKings Norton WOR
Mary A EDKINSWife58 Yardley WOR
Hannah EDKINSDau24 Yardley WOR

1881 Warwick, WAR (3088-96-10)
William EDKINS Head45WatermanStratford on Avon WAR
Emma EDKINSWife45 Stratford on Avon WAR
Thomas EDKINSSon25WatermanStratford on Avon WAR
Mary A EDKINSDauL25 Stratford on Avon WAR
Annie EDKINSDau18DressmakerStratford on Avon WAR
Emily EDKINSDau12ScholarStratford on Avon WAR
Lucy EDKINSDau10ScholarWarwick WAR
Frederick EDKINSSon6ScholarWarwick WAR
George EDKINSSon2 Warwick WAR
Elizabeth EDKINSGDau7m Warwick WAR

1881 Stratford on Avon, WAR (3100-7-6)
Elizabeth EDKINS Head(W)52Cook DomStratford on Avon WAR
William R EDKINSSon16Errand BoyNorton GLS
But see 1901 census below, birthplace given as Chipping Camden
Patience EDKINS
Not known to be related
Lodg75Formerly a NurseBroad Marston GLS

1881 Stratford on Avon, WAR (3100-35-11)
William EDKINS Head70General LabourerStratford on Avon WAR
Mary Ann EDKINSWife68 Stratford on Avon WAR
William Henry EDKINSNph26General LabourerStratford on Avon WAR

1881 Old Stratford, WAR (3103-75-14)
Sarah EDKINS Head(W)31CharwomanOrmskirk LAN
William JosephSon9ScholarShottery WAR
EdwinSon6ScholarShottery WAR
JohnSon4ScholarShottery WAR

Census: 5th April 1891

1891 Lilly Croft Farm, Walkers Heath Road, Kings Norton, WOR (2945-99-13)
Thomas EDKINS Head50FarmerKings Norton WOR
Mary Ann EDKINSWife49 Kings Norton WOR
Mary Jane EDKINSDau16 Kings Norton WOR
Thomas EDKINSSon20Farmer's SonKings Norton WOR
William EDKINSSon16Farmer's SonKings Norton WOR
George EDKINSSon15ScholarKings Norton WOR
Alfred EDKINSGrandson5 Kings Norton WOR
William EDKINSBoarder56(Blind)Kings Norton WOR

Census: 31 Mar 1901

1901 Tenbury, WOR. Page 205509, persons 4977021-6
Joseph Edkins38Worcester Kings NortonFarmer
Charlotte Edkins30Worcester Romsley 
Elizabeth Edkins11Worcester Kings NortonScholar
King Edkins9Worcester Kings NortonScholar
But cf BCI (1892M): Henry Edkins, Kings Norton
Charles Edkins3Worcester Kings Norton 
Joseph Edkins1Worcester Kings Norton 

1901 Tenbury, WOR. Page 206187, persons 4992608-14
Thomas Edkins68Worc Kings NortonFarmer
Mary Edkins61Worc Kings Norton 
Mary Edkins36Worc Kings Norton 
William Edkins25Worc Kings NortonGeneral Help On Farm
George Edkins24Worc Kings NortonGeneral Help On Farm
Alfred Edkins15Worc Kings NortonGeneral Help On Farm
Hannah Edkins9MWorc Kings Norton 

1901 Kings Norton, WOR. Page 206210, persons 4993330-3
Thomas Edkins32Worc Kings NortonLabourer Carter On Farm
Lilina Edkins24Worc Worc Inkburrow 
I read this as Selina to match the daughter
Dorothy Edkins2Worc Kings Norton 
Cf BCI (1898J): Dorothy Esther Edkins, Kings Norton
Selina Edkins8MWorc Kings Norton 
Cf BCI (1900S): Selina Elizabeth Edkins, Kings Norton

1901 Birmingham, WAR. Page 207892, persons 5036006-11
William Edkins36Chipping Camden GloucesterBrewers Labourer
Elizabeth Edkins31Temple Grafton Warwickshire 
Lucy Edkins10Stratford On Avon Warwickshire 
Cf BCI (1891M): Lucy Emma Edkins, Stratford-on-Avon
Eva Edkins6Temple Grafton Warwickshire 
Cf BCI (1894J): Eva Mary Edkins, Stratford-on-Avon
George Edkins4Stratford On Avon Warwickshire 
Cf BCI (1896D): George Roberts Edkins, Stratford-on-Avon
Ernest Edkins1Stratford On Avon Warwickshire 
Cf BCI (1899S): Ernest Reginald Edkins, Stratford-on-Avon

1901 Birmingham, WAR. Page 208016, persons 5039129-31
John Edkins37Warwicks BirminghamEngine Driver & Stationary
Emma Edkins30Staffs Rushalle 
Cf BCI (1895D): Emma Louisa Perkins, Walsall
Ada Edkins4Warwicks Birmingham 
Cf BCI (1896D): Ada Dora Edkins, Birmingham

1901 Old Stratford Within, WAR. Page 1132740, persons 27222278-81
William Edkins47Warks Stratford On AvonsMiller At Corn Mill
Sarah Edkins38Warks Marlcliff 
Cf MCI (1883J): Sarah Howell, Stratford 6d 745
John Edkins17Warks Stratford On AvonBlacksmith Apprentice
Cf BCI (1883D): John Stephen Edkins, Stratford-on-Avon
William Edkins12Warks Stratford On Avon 
Cf BCI (1888D): William Thomas Edkins, Stratford-on-Avon

1901 Aston, Birmingham, WAR. Page 1243233, persons 29840445-54
William EdkinsHead31Warw BirminghamGas Works Stoker
Ellen EdkinsWife28Warw Birmingham 
William EdkinsBrother17Warw BirminghamWood Turner
George EdkinsBrother14Warw BirminghamIron Rivetter Boiler
Samuel EdkinsBrother12Warw Birmingham 
Harry EdkinsSon9Warw Birmingham 
Alfred EdkinsSon7Warw Birmingham 
Ellen EdkinsDau4Warw Birmingham 
Elsie EdkinsDau2MWar Birmingham 

1901 Aston, WAR. Page 1243502, persons 29847296-303
William Edkins43BirminghamLaborer Gas Works
Alice Edkins41Birmingham 
William Edkins19BirminghamSpoon Polisher
Alice Edkins17BirminghamSpoon Polisher
George Edkins14BirminghamErrand Boy
John Edkins10Birmingham 
Eliza Edkins7Birmingham 
Rose Edkins3Birmingham 

1901 Warwick St Mary, WAR. Page 1379755, persons 32996662-9
William Edkins47Warwicks Stratford On AvonBoat Man
Harriett Edkins34Warwicks Birmingham 
Florence Edkins15Warwicks Warwick 
Cf BCI (1885J): Florence June Edkins, Warwick
Mary Edkins13Warwicks Warwick 
Cf BCI (1887D): Mary Ann Edkins, Warwick
William Edkins9Warwicks Warwick 
Cf BCI (1891S): Ellen Edkins, Warwick - misreading?
Job Edkins6Warwicks Warwick 
William Edkins3Warwicks Warwick 
Cf BCI (1898M): William Edward Edkins, Warwick
Thomas Edkins1Warwicks Warwick 

1901 Walsall, STS. Page 1506899, persons 35979653-64
George Edkins49Warwickshire AllchurchJobbing Gardener
Sarah Edkins46Staffs Walsall 
G Edkins20Notts EppistowBrass Plater
W Edkins19Staffs TunstallBrass Caster
Cf BCI (1881S): William Henry Edkins, Wolstanston
Sarah Edkins17Staffs NewcastleMachinist Shirt
Cf BCI (1883J): Sarah Ann Edkins, Wolstanston
Bertie Edkins15Staffs AldridgeOffice Boy Port
Cf BCI (1885D): Bertie Walter Edkins, Walsall
Albert Edkins13Staffs AldridgeBrass Casters Boy
Cf BCI (1887J): Albert Victor Edkins, Walsall
Edith Edkins11Staffs Aldridge 
Cf BCI (1889M): Edith Ellen Edkins, Walsall
Minnie Edkins9Staffs Aldridge 
Cf BCI (1891S): Minnie May Edkins, Walsall
Thomas Edkins8Staffs Aldridge 
Cf BCI (1893M): Thomas Arthur Edkins, Walsall
Frank Edkins6Staffs Aldridge 
Harold Edkins2Staffs Aldridge 

1901 Old Stratford Within, WAR. Page 204935, persons 4965085-9
James Edkins45Worcs PershoreGeneral Labourer
Alice Edkins43Worcs Croome 
Albert Edkins22Worcs PershoreGeneral Labourer
Thomas Edkins8Worcs Pershore 
Beatrice Edkins4Worcs Pershore 

Parish Registers

Alvechurch, WOR (IGI)
Benjamin EDKINS= Mary HILL23 Sep 1828
Beaudesert, WAR (IGI)
Thomas EDKINS= Hannah COX14 Oct 1778
Birmingham (Cannon St Baptist), WOR (IGI)
Benjamins. of Benjamin & Mary EDKINS27 May 1832
Sarahd. of Benjamin & Mary EDKINS07 Sep 1834
Maryd. of Benjamin & Mary EDKINS24 Sep 1836
Birmingham (St Martins), WAR (IGI)
Johns. of Thomas & Caroline EDKINS22 Sep 1862
Mary Annd. of Thomas & Caroline EDKINS22 Sep 1862
Birmingham (St Phillips), WAR (IGI)
David EDKINS= Ann PARSONS12 Jun 1827
Ann Maryd. of David & Ann EDKINS23 Jul 1828
Ellend. of David & Ann EDKINS16 Apr 1834
Ameliad. of David & Ann EDKINS12 Apr 1836
Davids. of David & Ann EDKINS17 Apr 1839
Samuel Green EDKINS= Mary Shuttleworth26 May 1829
Williams. of Samuel & Mary EDKINS09 Sep 1829
Hannahd. of Samuel & Mary EDKINS18 Sep 1832
Samuels. of Samuel & Mary EDKINS23 Feb 1835
Charless. of Samuel & Mary EDKINS31 Jan 1842
Esther EDKINS= Joseph PARSONS21 Nov 1831
Thomas EDKINS= Caroline HENDRICK14 Dec 1843
Birmingham (St Stephens), WAR (IGI)
Sarah Annd. of Thomas & Caroline EDKINS23 Jul 1865
Coleshill, WAR (IGI)
Richards. of Thomas & Mary EDKINS21 Sep 1768
Maryd. of Thomas & Mary EDKINS23 Nov 1769
Elizabethd. of Thomas & Mary EDKINS24 Sep 1771
Issabellad. of Thomas & Mary EDKINS27 Nov 1776
Eleanord. of Thomas & Mary EDKINS03 Dec 1779
Laurence Eborals. of Thomas & Mary EDKINS11 Jun 1782
Halesowen, WOR (IGI)
Clement EDKINS= Phebe TAYLOR21 May 1758
Richards. of Clement & Phebe EDKINS17 Dec 1760
Charless. of Clement & Phebe EDKINS20 Mar 1765
Maryd. of Clement & Phebe EDKINS20 Mar 1765
Haselor, WAR (IGI)
Elin EDKINSd. of Ric. EDKINS11 Mar 1584
Kathern EDKINSd. of Ric. EDKINS03 Nov 1590
Thos. EDKINSs. of Robt EDKINS24 Sep 1584
Barbara EDKINSs. of Robt EDKINS24 Apr 1588
Margaret EDKINSs. of Robert EDKINS18 Aug 1590
Ric EDKINSs. of Robt EDKINS04 Sep 1594
Thos. EDKINSs. of Adam EDKINS25 Feb 1590
Wm. EDKINSs. of John EDKINS24 Dec 1590
Anne EDKINSs. of John EDKINS12 Aug 1592
Anne EDKINSd. of George EDKINS28 Jan 1591
Audry EDKINSd. of George EDKINS16 Mar 1594
Ipsley, WAR (IGI)
William EDKINS= Mary FIELD29 Oct 1759
William EDKINS= Ann STEWARD02 Sep 1786
Hannahd. of William & Anne EDKINS17 Aug 1788
Johnd. of William & Anne EDKINS01 Feb 1791
Nancyd. of William & Anne EDKINS23 Nov 1792
Thomasd. of William & Anne EDKINS02 Oct 1796
Jamess. of William & Ann EDKINS23 Sep 1799
Davids. of William & Ann EDKINS19 Oct 1800
Sarahd. of William & Ann EDKINS27 Feb 1803
Sarah EDKINS= David Packwood WOLF01 Jan 1823
Edwards. of William & Ann EDKINS08 Sep 1804
Josephs. of William & Ann EDKINS08 Sep 1804
Phoebed. of William & Ann EDKINS08 Sep 1804
Estherd. of William & Ann EDKINS28 May 1809
Kings Norton, WOR
George EDKINS= Mary HARRISON21 Oct 1822
Williams. of George & Mary EDKINS
26 Apr 1835
Morton Bagot, WAR (IGI)
Samuels. of Samuel & Hannah EDKINS13 May 1776
Susannad. of Samuel & Hannah EDKINS29 Aug 1779
Bettyd. of Samuel & Hannah EDKINS04 Feb 1781
Thomass. of Samuel & Hannah EDKINS20 Jul 1783
Fannyd. of Samuel & Hannah EDKINS24 Feb 1788
Maryd. of Samuel & Hannah EDKINS01 Aug 1790
Williams. of Samuel & Hannah EDKINS06 Jan 1793
William EDKINS= Mary HAWKES30 Mar 1813
Thomass. of William & Mary EDKINS26 Mar 1815
Maryd. of William & Mary EDKINS24 Aug 1817
Mary EDKINS= Benjamin ELVINS14 Mar 1836
Old Swinford, WOR (IGI)
Phoebe Taylord. of Richard & Mary EDKINS27 May 1787
Maryd. of Richard & Mary EDKINS23 Jan 1791
Richard Taylors. of John & Elizabeth EDKINS20 Mar 1800
Phoebed. of John & Elizabeth EDKINS16 May 1802
Annd. of John & Elizabeth EDKINS01 Apr 1804
Sarahd. of John & Elizabeth EDKINS17 Nov 1805
Annd. of John & Elizabeth EDKINS05 Aug 1810
Mariad. of John & Elizabeth EDKINS24 Jan 1813
Elizabethd. of John & Elizabeth EDKINS24 Nov 1822
Janed. of John & Elizabeth EDKINS15 Jun 1828
Redditch, WOR (IGI)
Samuels. of Benjamin & Elizabeth EDKINS24 Nov 1794
Elizabethd. of Benjamin & Elizabeth EDKINS05 Jun 1797
Maryd. of Benjamin & Elizabeth EDKINS26 Feb 1799
Stoke Prior, WOR (IGI)
Frederick Richards. of Richard BADGER & Mary EDKINS25 Nov 1844
Stratford-on-Avon (Holy Trinity), WAR (IGI & M/F)
Thomas EDKINS= Mary WYLLIS23 Feb 1808
Williams. of Thomas & Mary EDKINS17 Apr 1811
Thomass. of Thomas* & Mary EDKINS
(* Blacksmith of Stratford)
06 Jul 1813
Elizabethd. of Thomas* & Mary EDKINS
(* Blacksmith of Stratford)
06 Jun 1815
Charlotted. of Thomas & Mary EDKINS03 May 1826
Josephilleg s. of Elizabeth EDKINS
(of Luddington)
29 Apr 1821
Betsyd. of William* and Mary Ann EDKINS
(* Labourer of Stratford)
28 Jul 1831
Williams. of William and Mary Ann EDKINS
15 Nov 1835
Betsyd. of Thomas* and Hannah EDKINS
(* Button Maker of Stratford)
31 Oct 1834
Thomass. of Thomas* and Hannah EDKINS
(* Labourer of Stratford)
25 Dec 1836
William EDKINS= Emma FREEMAN18 Dec 1853
William Edwards. of William & Emma EDKINS03 Oct 1858
Jobs. of William & Emma EDKINS13 Jun 1860
Johns. of William & Emma EDKINS22 Dec 1861
Emilyd. of William & Emma EDKINS21 Jun 1862(?)
Mary Annd. of Joseph & Ann EDKINS04 Mar 1850
William EDKINS= Elizabeth ROBERTS29 Feb 1860
William Reginalds. of William & Elizabeth EDKINS16 Nov 1864
George Robertss. of William & Elizabeth EDKINS17 Mar 1873
Johns. of William & Elizabeth EDKINS29 May 1878
William Josephs. of George & Sarah EDKINS23 Jul 1871
Edwins. of George & Sarah EDKINS06 Sep 1874
John Rawsthornes. of George & Sarah EDKINS15 Feb 1877
Stratford-on-Avon (St James), WAR (IGI)
Mary Annd. of William & Emma EDKINS04 Oct 1857
Mary Annd. of William & Emma EDKINS01 Jul 1863
Emmad. of William & Emma EDKINS17 May 1865
Tanworth, WAR (IGI)
Williams. of David & Ann EDKINS13 Mar 1831
Warwick (St Mary), WAR (IGI)
Lucy Ellend. of William & Emma EDKINS03 Oct 1869
Florence Janed. of William & Emma EDKINS28 Jan 1872
Frederick Jobs. of William & Emma EDKINS05 Apr 1874
Roberts. of William & Emma EDKINS04 Mar 1877
Georges. of William & Emma EDKINS20 Jul 1879
Wootton Wawen, WAR (IGI)
And. of Henry ETKYNES05 Apr 1612
Richards. of Henry ETKYNES19 May 1622
Humfrys. of Henry ETKYNES26 Jun 1625
Benjamin EDKINS= Elizth GREEN15 Oct 1793
Worcester, WOR (IGI)
Frederick Williams. of Frederick Richard & Emma EDKINS22 Nov 1868
Cf MCI (1867D): Emma Morris, Worcester 6c 464
John Ernests. of Frederick Richard & Emma EDKINS18 Nov 1870


Birth - Registration District: West Bromwich
Where & when born Name Father Mother
Twentyseventh December 1850
William John Edkins,
Mary Edkins
formerly Simcox
Birth - Registration District: Solihull
Where & when born Name Father Mother
Twentysixth May 1851
Surehole, Yardley
George George Edkins,
Mary Ann Edkins
formerly Horton
Birth - Registration District: Pershore
Where & when born Name Father Mother
Eleventh February 1856
James Albert William Edkins,
Agrigultural Labourer
Jane Edkins
formerly Clarke
Birth - Registration District: Birmingham (St George)
Where & when born Name Father Mother
Eighth July 1857
Summer Lane
William William Edkins,
Bayonet Fitter
Ann Edkins
formerly Patrick
30 Court, Brearley St

Monumental Inscriptions

Aston Cantlow, St John the Baptist

Tablet on Nave North Wall
Near this place are deposited the remains of Richard son of
Thomas and Mary Edkins of Coleshill in this County who died March 13th 1794 aged 27 years.
Also of Thomas Edkins late of Coleshill who died at Shrewley April 13th 1801 aged 53 [or 55?] years.
And of Isabella daughter of the above who died at Silesburn Oct 22nd 1804 aged 28 years.
Also of Elizabeth Judge daughter of the above who departed this life at Silesburn June 30th 1822 aged 50 years.
Also of Thomas son of the above who died at Shrewley Mar 27th 1823 aged 48 years.
Also of Mary the wife of Thomas and mother of the above who died at Silesburn Apr 20th 1829 aged 81 years.

Kings Norton WOR, St Nicholas

George Edkins died 5th Dec. 1875 aged 87 years.
Also Mary his wife died 12th Dec. 1875 aged 79 years.
Also William Edkins, son, died 13th Aug. 1897 aged 62 years.

War Graves

Cemetery: LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERY, Poperinge, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
Grave Reference: XVII. H. 15A.
In Memory of
Sergeant 33472
7th Bn., Bedfordshire Regiment
who died on Saturday, 18th August 1917. Age 36.
Additional Information:
Son of George Henry and Sarah Ann Edkins, of 72, Sandwell St., Walsall, Staffs.

Memorial: PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Panel Number: 18.
Stoker 1st Class K/17671
H.M. S/M, Royal Navy
who died on Tuesday, 22nd August 1916. Age 24.
Additional Information:
Son of Mr. and Mrs. George Henry Edkins, of 72, Sandwell St., Walsall, Staffs.
( Photo from Walsall Advertiser)

Cemetery: OXFORD ROAD CEMETERY, Ieper, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
Grave Reference/Panel Number: V. H. 27.
Lance Corporal 16501
4th Bn., Worcestershire Regiment
who died on Wednesday, 13th March 1918. Age 20.
Additional Information:
Son of Joseph and Charlotte Edkins, of The Forehill, King's Norton, Birmingham.

Wills and Deeds

Document dated Sept 26th, 1767
Thomas Edkins of Wootton Wawen Warks tanner & only son & heir of Clement Edkins late of Newnham in Aston Cantlow, Warks yeoman dec'd...
(2) Mary Archer of Shrewley in Parish of Hatton, Warks spinster (daughter of Richard Archer of Shrewley etc, tanner)
(3) Joseph Eberall Warwick etc gent & Smith Edkins of Wilmcote, Warks yeoman
Marriage intended between Thomas Edkins & Mary Archer, £550 marriage portion to Thomas

Extract of Will of Isabella EDKINS
Proved: Jul 1805 (Quire 507)
Living at Wooton Wawen Warwickshire
Refers to her sister Elizabeth Judge, and her mother Mary

Extract of Will of Thomas EDKINS
Proved: Aug 1823 (Quire 472)
Living at Shrewley, Warwickshire. Occupation Tanner.
Refers to his brother Laurence Eberall Edkins, his sister Ann Edkins and his nephew Arthur Robert Towney.

Extract of Will of Mary EDKINS
Proved: Aug 1829 (Quire 479)
Living at Wooton Wawen, Warwickshire.
Refers to her daughter Ann Edkins, her son Laurence Eberall Edkins and to William Pratt Judge and Thomas Pratt Judge the sons of her daughter Elizabeth Judge.