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Census: 30th March 1851

1851 72-74 St Paul's Churchyard, LND (1528-265v)
John EDKINS Asst23Drapers AsstAvening, GLS
Ebenezer EDKINSAsst20Drapers AsstAvening, GLS

1851 18 Wood Street, St Michaels, LND (1529-170r)
Henry N EDKINS  15ApprenticeNailsworth, GLS

Census: 2nd April 1871

1871 33 Ridley Rd, Dalston, LND
Ebenezer EDKINS Head40Clerk to Manchester WhseEvering, GLS
Mary L W EDKINSWife41 Penry??? CON
Mary L EDKINSDau1 Hackney

Census: 3rd April 1881

1881 Hackney, LND (0304-37-68)
Ebenezer EDKINS Head50Commercial ClerkGLS
Mary L EDKINSDau11 Hackney MID
Alice N L EDKINSDau8 Hackney MID

Parish Registers

Avening, Forest Green Chapel Nailsworth Independent, GLS (IGI)
Jamess. of Thomas & Elizabeth EDKINS15 Aug 1822
Thomass. of Thomas & Elizabeth EDKINS18 Nov 1822
Josephs. of Thomas & Elizabeth EDKINS25 Jul 1824
Mary Janed. of Thomas & Elizabeth EDKINS29 Jul 1826
Johns. of Thomas & Elizabeth EDKINS21 Sep 1828
Ebenezers. of Thomas & Elizabeth EDKINS26 Nov 1830
Eliza Louisad. of Thomas & Elizabeth EDKINS26 Aug 1833
Henry Nathaniels. of Thomas & Elizabeth EDKINS10 Aug 1835
Stromness, OKI,SCT (IGI)
Janed. of William & Jessie STOBBS28 Oct 1838
Joseph EDKINS= Jane STOBBS07 Feb 1859


Edkins, Rev. Joseph, DD. b.1823 at Nailsworth, Gloucestershire; graduated at London University 1843; was missionary of the London Missionary Society in China 1848-80; translator of scientific and other books into the Chinese language, in the Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs service 1880-85. Also known as Ai Yuese 艾約瑟


  1. A Grammar of Colloquial Chinese as exhibited in the Shanghai Dialect, Shanghai 1853.
  2. Phases in the Development of Tauism; Transactions of the China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1st series, 5: 83-99, 1855. (The earliest study in a Western language to include an account of Chinese alchemy).
  3. On Early Tauist Alchemy; NorthChina Herald, 1857.
  4. A Grammar of the Chinese Colloquial Language, commonly called the Mandarin dialect, Shanghai 1857.
  5. The Religious Condition of the Chinese; with Observations on the Prospects of Christian Conversion amongst that People, London 1859. (second edition entitled "Religion in China: containing a Brief Account of the Three Religions of the Chinese: with Observations on the Prospects of Christian Conversion amongst that People." 1877.
    "A very instructive and spirited sketch .... As a missionary, it has been part of Dr. Edkins's duty to study the existing religions in China, and his long residence in the country has enabled him to acquire an intimate knowledge of them as they at present exist". - Sat. Rev., viii 102 and xiv, 346.
  6. Progressive Lessons in the Chinese Spoken Language, Shanghai 1862.
  7. A Vocabulary of the Shanghai Dialect, Shangahai 1869.
  8. The Miau-tsi Tribes, Foochow 1870.
  9. China's Place in Philology: an Attempt to show that the Languages of Europe and Asia have a Common Origin, London 1871
  10. Introduction to the Study of the Chinese Characters, London 1876
  11. A Catalogue of Chinese Works in the Bodleian Library, London 1876
  12. Chinese Buddhism: a Volume of Sketches, Historical, Descriptive, and Critical, London 1880
    "It contains ... a vast deal of important information on the whole subject of Chinese Buddhism, such as is only to be gained by long-continued study on the spot" - Ath. No. 2749
  13. The Evolution of the Chinese Language as exemplifying the Origin and Growth of Human Speech, London 1854.

After: S.A.Allibone - British and American Authors (Supplement)

Christian Missionaries were not always welcome:
In December 1854, within nine months of his arrival, (James) Taylor and Joseph Edkins hoisted sail, and with bags of Chinese Bibles and tracts over their shoulders, visited hamlets along the banks of the Huangpu River. At Songjiang, the extraordinary appearance of two foreigners drew crowds, who at one point made sport of the two men, mocking them and threateningly backing them down a street that ended at the river. Taylor and Edkins barely escaped (hopping onto a passing boat) and continued their 200-mile, round-trip journey.
Christian History

Another Biography - Ricci Roundtable on the History of Christianity in China (gives his 2nd & 3rd marriages).

Joseph's first wife also has literary citations:

Author             : Edkins, Jane Rowbotham (Stobbs), 1838-1861.
Title              : Jane Edkins, ein Missionsleben : in einer Reihe
                     von Briefen / herausgegeben von ihrem Vater ;
                     nebst Joseph Edkins' Bericht über einen Besuch
                     in Nanking ; aus dem Englischen.
Publisher          : Gütersloh : C. Bertelsmann, 1871.
Description        : [8, 343] p. ; 19 cm.
Series             : Lebensbilder aus der Heidens=mission ; v. 1.
Subjects           : Edkins, Jane Rowbotham (Stobbs), -- 1838-1861
                   : Edkins Joseph, -- 1823-1905 -- Correspondence

Edkins, Jane Rowbotham (Stobbs).
Chinese scenes and people. With notices of Christian missions and missionary life.
London, 1863.