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Notes on Thomas Edkins: He was born in Redditch. As a boy he worked in the needle factory of the same place. He apprenticed and learned shoemaking. In 1835 he emigrated to the U.S. with his wife and their five children. At first they were in New Jersey, but then in 1839 went to Greensburg, IN. The following year, 1840 he open a shoe business in the downtown square area. In 1916 the Edkins block was erected in the town square. The shoe store was one of the oldest businesses in the city. He taught his trade to his son Ebenezer.

Notes on Ebenezer Edkins: He learned his trade of being a cobbler from his father. He in turn taught at least two of his sons this skill. He was not formally educated, was home taught instead. At the age of 16 for a short time he was tutored by professors Boren and Farley. In 1851 he went to Marion, Iowa and started his own shoe business which was prospering when in 1854 he was called back by his dying father. He took charge of the family business at that time and remained in Greensburg, Ind. The same year he married Emily(Emma) Alden. According to his obit he was," one of the city's the most beloved citizens and was a man of great generosity, kind, thoughtful and courteous, a gentleman of the old school and one who always respected the interests of his fellow citizens".
In 1885 he married his 2nd wife, Elizabeth Randolph. They had no children. He and Elizabeth are buried next to each other in South Park Cemetery in Greensburg, Ind.


Notes on Charles Thomas Edkins: He was a cobbler by trade. Learned it from his father. Worked in family business with younger brother Chester for many years. Was of slight stature with a red beard. Moved to Calif. at age of 60 and opened his own shoe business on Orange Ave. in Long Beach. Had the one daughter after 10 years of marriage. Family has a true story about him-at about 9/10 he wanted badly to go to the circus. He stole a 50 cent piece from his father. It doesn't seem like much now, but it was enough in those days for him to have a grand time. On the way to the circus guilt overcame him. He returned home and confessed his stealing to his father, Eb. His father talked to him about it and praised him for being honest. He gave him the 50 cent piece as a pocket piece to always remind him to be honest. He carried that piece with him until the day he died. It is very worn and has been handed down four generations. Cremated.

Notes on Chester York Edkins: He was the youngest child. He and his wife were married for 66 years. He learned his trade of being a cobbler from his father. He was in the shoe business with his older brother Charles for many years. During his long life he was a student of history and interested in social-economic problems. He is buried in South Park Cemetery in Greensburg, Ind.

Notes on Mayme Viola Edkins: Was married 1) Albert Clark with one male offspring, 2) no issue, 3) Frank Wald with one female offspring. Was considered a very beautiful woman with red hair. Very small of stature. Creamated with ashes at Rose Hills in Whittier, Calif.

Social Security Index

SSN 030-09-9883 Residence: 23185 Williamsburg, James City, VA
Born 23 Apr 1916
Died 10 Oct 1990 Issued: MA (Before 1951)

SSN 305-18-7295 Residence: 37888 Washburn, Grainger, TN
Born 3 May 1920
Died 17 Jul 1993 Issued: IN (Before 1951)