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Bees - Families other than Apidae

Halictus rubicundus (Christ, 1791)

Halictus rubicundus
  • Cambridge, garden, 25 Aug 2001

  • Family Halictidae

  • Length: 12.5mm

Lasioglossum morio (Fabricius, 1793)

Lasioglossum morio
  • Cambridge, garden, 21 Jul 2001

  • Family Halictidae

  • Length: 6.5mm

  • A small mining-bee with distinctive bronzy-green thorax.

  • Thanks to J.-Christoph Kornmilch for the corrected identification.

Andrena bicolor Fabricius, 1775

  • Cambridge, garden, 23 Mar 2002

  • Family Andrenidae

  • One of the first bees seen in Spring

  • I thought this was A. haemorrhoa but that has pale facial hairs which probably should be visible even from ths angle, also doesn't have hair bands on the abdomen. A. bicolor is also rather smaller.

  • Enlarged photo

Tawny mining bee Andrena fulva (Müller, 1766)

Andrena fulva Andrena fulva
  • Cambridge, male (l) 8 Apr 2001, female (r) 30 Mar 2002
  • Nest is a conical mound, often on lawns!
  • Synonym: Andrena armata (Gmelin, 1790)
  • Enlarged photo

Leaf-cutter bee Megachile sp.

  • Cambridge, garden, 16 Aug 2002

  • Family Megachilidae

  • One of several leaf-cutter species, this one is seen cutting a disk out of a Wisteria leaf.

Red Mason-bee Osmia bicornis (Linnaeus, 1758)

Osmia bicornis
  • Cambridge, garden, 30 Mar 2002

  • Family Megachilidae

  • Length: 10mm

  • Nests in walls and similar places.

  • Has generally been known as Osmia rufa, but this is now regarded as a synonym of O. bicornis

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