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Interactive Celtic knot designer - Tilted

This page allows you to design Celtic knots which are tilted. For a simple online designer for conventional Celtic knots, click here. For a more complicated one, click here.

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Click on following to choose:

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Click on the left to start designing a Celtic knot. This page will sort out the unders and overs for you, but you will need to select your own edges and corners.
Click on this button to alter the way the unders and overs go:
If you click on a different type of strand, your current pattern will change to it.

Click here for some examples made using this page.           Using this page including printing and saving the pictures

Once you have created a knot, you can save it by copying the contents of the white box below, and pasting it into a word processor file. To bring the knot back again, copy and paste it back to the white box, and click on Regenerate knot.

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