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Bobbin Lace Patterns

These patterns all have a photo and description of how to work as well as the pattern. They are free to use and without adverts. See the introduction as to why I do this!

Introduction - including how to print the patterns, enlarge them, thread size, etc.

Beginner patterns: Torchon lace
Bucks Point
Midland lace

Lace designs by subject

Lace designs by shape

Lace designs for use

Experiments in lace

Torchon lace (square grid): Patterns for Torchon lace strips
Introduction to Torchon lace

Bucks Point (hexagonal grid): Patterns for Bucks Point strips
Introduction to Bucks Point - Bucks Point designs

Plaited lace: Patterns for English Midland and plaited lace strips
Introduction to English Midland and plaited lace

Tape lace: Patterns for tape lace
Introduction to tape lace - Types of tapes

All patterns

* * * New patterns * * *

Design your own lace patterns: Grids, design kits, interactive designer and advice

Patterns for my books:     How to Make Bobbin Lace
    Using Colour in Bobbin Lace