Local Authority Byelection Results 2008 - Index

Abbots Langley PC, Leavesden (27/3/2008)
Aberdeenshire Council (UA), Troup (1/5/2008)
Abergavenny TC, Priory (25/9/2008)
Allerdale BC, All Saints (5/6/2008)
Allerdale BC, Workington St John's (30/10/2008)
Annesley and Felley PC, Annesley (28/8/2008)
Arun DC, Yapton (20/3/2008)
Barking and Dagenham LBC, Chadwell Heath (3/7/2008)
Barnet LBC, Hale (1/5/2008)
Barnoldswick TC, Coates (13/3/2008)
Barnstaple TC, Forches and Whiddon Valley (20/11/2008)
Barrow in Furness BC, Newbarns (4/9/2008)
Basingstoke and Deane DC, Baughurst (24/1/2008)
Beaconsfield TC, Town (6/3/2008)
Bexley LBC, Christchurch (3/7/2008)
Blackpool BC (UA), Park (26/6/2008)
Blyth Valley BC, Croft (10/7/2008)
Bognor Regis TC, Pevensey (25/9/2008)
Boston BC, Coastal (24/7/2008)
Boston BC, Fenside (13/11/2008)
Bournemouth BC (UA), Queens Park (1/5/2008)
Bournemouth BC (UA), Winton East (1/5/2008)
Bradfield PC, Stannington (11/12/2008)
Bradford City Council, Bingley (4/12/2008)
Braintree DC, Braintree East (19/6/2008)
Braintree DC, Hatfield Peverel (19/6/2008)
Braintree DC, The Three Colnes (4/12/2008)
Braintree DC, Witham West (2/10/2008)
Brent LBC, Queens Park (13/3/2008)
Brentwood BC, Hutton South (30/10/2008)
Bridlington TC, North (27/11/2008)
Bridlington TC, Old Town (27/11/2008)
Bristol City Council (UA), St George West (9/10/2008)
Bromsgrove DC, Slideslow (28/2/2008)
Burbage PC, Lash Hill (26/6/2008)
Caerphilly CBC (UA), Risca West (10/7/2008)
Calne TC, Lickhill (31/1/2008)
Camborne TC, Camborne South (28/8/2008)
Cambridgeshire CC, Hardwick (27/11/2008)
Cambridgeshire CC, Roman Bank and Peckover (3/1/2008)
Cambridgeshire CC, Romsey (1/5/2008)
Camden LBC, Fortune Green (21/2/2008)
Camden LBC, Hampstead Town (25/9/2008)
Camden LBC, Highgate (1/5/2008)
Camden LBC, Kentish Town (30/10/2008)
Canterbury DC, Barton (10/7/2008)
Cardiff CC (UA), Pentyrch (31/7/2008)
Carlisle City Council, Upperby (12/6/2008)
Caterham on the Hill PC, Portley (18/12/2008)
Ceredigion CC (UA), Aberystwyth, Rheidol (10/7/2008)
Charnwood BC, Loughborough Dishley and Hathern (23/10/2008)
Cherwell DC, Kirtlington (31/7/2008)
Cheshire CC, Abbey (1/5/2008)
Cheshire CC, Knutsford (9/10/2008)
Cheshire East Council (Shadow UA), Knutsford (9/10/2008)
Chichester DC, Bury (10/7/2008)
Chichester DC, East Wittering (23/10/2008)
Chiltern DC, Chalfont St Giles (25/9/2008)
Coedffranc Community Council, Coedffranc (30/10/2008)
Colchester BC, Birch and Winstree (4/12/2008)
Cookham PC, Cookham Rise (10/7/2008)
Corby BC, Oakley Vale (21/2/2008)
Corsham TC, Corsham (3/7/2008)
Cotswold DC, Water Park (13/3/2008)
Cumbria CC, Kells and Sandwith (18/12/2008)
Darlington BC (UA), North Road (13/11/2008)
Dartford BC, Princes (21/2/2008)
Derby City Council (UA), Darley (24/7/2008)
Derbyshire CC, Eckington (3/7/2008)
Derwentside DC, Castleside (17/7/2008)
Devon CC, Exminster and Kenton (27/11/2008)
Didcot TC, Didcot Park (17/4/2008)
Dover DC, Little Stour and Ashstone (24/4/2008)
Dover TC, St Radigunds (30/10/2008)
Downend and Bromley Heath PC, West (24/7/2008)
Droitwich Spa TC, Chawson (17/1/2008)
Dumfries and Galloway Council (UA), Abbey (1/5/2008)
Ealing LBC, Greenford Broadway (1/5/2008)
East Ayrshire Council (UA), Ballochmyle (11/12/2008)
East Devon DC, Dunkeswell (3/4/2008)
East Dorset DC, Alderholt (23/10/2008)
East Grinstead TC, Ashplats (3/7/2008)
East Hampshire DC, Holybourne and Froyle (9/10/2008)
East Lindsey DC, Roughton (7/2/2008)
East Staffordshire DC, Stretton (14/2/2008)
East Sussex CC, Bexhill King Offa (12/6/2008)
Eden DC, Morland (17/4/2008)
Edinburgh City Council (UA), Forth (6/11/2008)
Ellesmere Port and Neston DC, Westminster (28/2/2008)
Fenland DC, Parson Drove and Wisbech St Mary (11/12/2008)
Fenland DC, Parsons Drove and Wisbech St Mary (3/4/2008)
Flintshire County Council (UA), Hope (12/6/2008)
Forest Heath DC, Red Lodge (5/6/2008)
Gainsborough TC, East (30/10/2008)
Gainsborough TC, Gainsborough East (24/1/2008)
Gateshead MBC, Whickham South and Sunniside (31/7/2008)
Glasgow City Council (UA), Baillieston (18/9/2008)
Glasgow City Council (UA), Baillieston (6/11/2008)
Gloucestershire CC, Brockworth (12/6/2008)
Great Yarmouth BC, Bradwell South & Hopton (10/7/2008)
Great Yarmouth BC, Bradwell South and Hopton (7/2/2008)
Greenwich LBC, Plumstead (25/9/2008)
Guildford BC, Stoke (11/9/2008)
Gwynedd Council (UA), Bowydd and Rhiw (5/6/2008)
Hammersmith and Fulham LBC, Sands End (1/5/2008)
Harborough DC, Broughton Astley - Broughton (4/9/2008)
Haringey LBC, Alexandra (9/10/2008)
Haringey LBC, Highgate (6/3/2008)
Harlow DC, Harlow Common (12/6/2008)
Harrogate BC, New Park (11/9/2008)
Harrow LBC, Marlborough (13/3/2008)
Hatfield TC, Central (26/6/2008)
Havant DC, Waterloo (4/9/2008)
Havering LBC, Gooshays (20/3/2008)
Havering LBC, South Hornchurch (3/7/2008)
Hebden Royd TC, Caldene (6/3/2008)
Hebden Royd TC, West End (7/8/2008)
Hebden Royd TC, White Lee (6/3/2008)
Herefordshire Council (UA), Leominster South (2/10/2008)
Herefordshire Council (UA), Old Gore (10/4/2008)
Hertfordshire CC, Bedwell (27/3/2008)
Hertfordshire CC, Harpenden South West (7/2/2008)
Hexham TC, Gilesgate (28/2/2008)
Hexham TC, Leazes (26/6/2008)
Hillingdon LBC, Northwood (11/12/2008)
Hillingdon LBC, Townfield (17/7/2008)
Hillingdon LBC, West Ruislip (2/10/2008)
Hinckley and Bosworth BC, Hinckley Castle (24/4/2008)
Hinckley and Bosworth BC, Markfield, Stanton and (13/11/2008)
Huntington PC (4/12/2008)
Illogan PC, Illogan (12/6/2008)
Ipswich BC, Castle Hill (24/7/2008)
Isle of Wight Council (UA), Mount Joy (9/10/2008)
Isle of Wight Council (UA), Newchurch (18/12/2008)
Kendal TC, Kendal Highgate (13/3/2008)
Kennet DC, Upavon (31/1/2008)
Kensington and Chelsea LBC, Brompton (1/5/2008)
Kent CC, Herne Bay (9/10/2008)
Kirkburton PC, Kirkheaton (7/2/2008)
Kirklees MBC, Dalton (10/7/2008)
Kirklees MBC, Dewsbury East (16/10/2008)
Knaresborough TC, Knaresborough East (10/7/2008)
Knaresborough TC, Scriven Park (10/7/2008)
Knutsford TC, Bexton (27/11/2008)
Knutsford TC, Nether (27/11/2008)
Lambeth LBC, Vassall (20/3/2008)
Lancashire CC, Thornton Cleveleys Central (7/2/2008)
Leeds City Council, Farnley and Wortley (18/9/2008)
Lincolnshire CC, Bourne Abbey (2/10/2008)
Lincolnshire CC, Louth Wolds (31/7/2008)
Maldon DC, Maldon North (7/8/2008)
Medway Council (UA), Rochester South and Horsted (8/5/2008)
Melksham TC, Melksham Spa (21/8/2008)
Melton BC, Melton Egerton (4/9/2008)
Mendip DC, Shepton East (29/5/2008)
Mendip DC, Street North (29/5/2008)
Merthyr Tydfil CBC (UA), Town (23/10/2008)
Mid Bedfordshire DC, Flitwick East (1/5/2008)
Mid Sussex DC, Burgess Hill St Andrews (3/7/2008)
Mid Sussex DC, Hurstpierpoint and Downs (24/7/2008)
Middlesbrough Council (UA), Gresham (13/3/2008)
Middlesbrough Council (UA), Marton West (13/3/2008)
Moray Council (UA), Elgin City South (14/2/2008)
New Forest DC, Ringwood South (19/6/2008)
Newark and Sherwood DC, Clipstone (11/12/2008)
Newark and Sherwood DC, Edwinstowe (5/6/2008)
Newark and Sherwood DC, Magnus (24/7/2008)
Newcastle under Lyme DC, Madeley (1/5/2008)
Newcastle-under-Lyme DC, Butt Lane (7/2/2008)
Newhaven TC, Meeching (5/6/2008)
Newport City Council (UA), Bettws (5/6/2008)
Newport City Council (UA), St Julian's (5/6/2008)
North Ayrshire Council (UA), Kilbirnie and Beith (11/12/2008)
North East Derbyshire DC, Holmewood and Heath (10/4/2008)
North East Derbyshire DC, Killamarsh West (3/7/2008)
North East Derbyshire DC, Unstone (3/7/2008)
North Lanarkshire Council (UA), Kilsyth (31/1/2008)
North Somerset Council (UA), Weston Super Mare Clarence and Uphill (18/12/2008)
North Tyneside MBC, Monkseaton North (19/6/2008)
North West Leicestershire DC, Ibstock and Heather (10/1/2008)
North West Leicestershire DC, Ibstock and Heather (18/12/2008)
Nottingham City Council (UA), Wollaton West (7/8/2008)
Oadby and Wigston BC, Oadby Uplands (31/7/2008)
Okehampton TC, East Town (11/9/2008)
Okehampton TC, Okehampton West (10/7/2008)
Oswestry BC, Castle (2/10/2008)
Oswestry BC, Sweeney and Trefonen (1/5/2008)
Oxford City Council, Holywell (12/6/2008)
Oxfordshire CC, Grove and Wantage (13/3/2008)
Oxfordshire CC, Kidlington and Yarnton (1/5/2008)
Oxfordshire CC, Wallingford (13/3/2008)
Pembrokeshire Council (UA), St Dogmaels (18/9/2008)
Pendle BC, Boulsworth (1/5/2008)
Penketh PC, Penketh East (18/12/2008)
Penketh PC, Penketh West (18/12/2008)
Perth and Kinross Council (UA), Highland (21/2/2008)
Poole BC (UA), Branksome East (15/5/2008)
Portsmouth City Council (UA), Copnor (7/2/2008)
Poulton with Fearnhead PC, Cinnamon Brow (7/2/2008)
Prescot TC, Central (21/2/2008)
Preston City Council, Tulketh (14/2/2008)
Redbridge LBC, Cranbrook (10/7/2008)
Redcar and Cleveland BC (UA), South Bank (16/10/2008)
Redcar and Cleveland Council (UA), Guisborough (11/9/2008)
Redcar and Cleveland Council (UA), Kirkleatham (2/10/2008)
Redditch BC, Batchley (17/7/2008)
Rhondda Cynon Taff CBC (UA), Cilfynydd (14/8/2008)
Rhondda Cynon Taff CBC (UA), Glyncoch (18/12/2008)
Rhyl TC, West (13/11/2008)
Ribble Valley BC, Billington and Old Langho (23/10/2008)
Richmond TC, West (19/6/2008)
Richmondshire DC, Newsham with Eppleby (7/8/2008)
Rossendale BC, Whitewell (1/5/2008)
Rother DC, Bexhill Collington (12/6/2008)
Rother DC, Bexhill Sackville (3/7/2008)
Rotherham MBC, Wickersley (28/8/2008)
Rothwell TC, Trinity (18/9/2008)
Rothwell TC, Trinity (27/3/2008)
Rugby BC, Avon and Swift (4/12/2008)
Rutland CC (UA), Whissendine (6/11/2008)
St Edmundsbury BC, Haverhill North (20/3/2008)
St Neots TC, Eynesbury (18/12/2008)
Sandgate TC, Sandgate Valley (Shepway) (1/5/2008)
Sandwell MBC, Newton (24/1/2008)
Shetland Islands Council (UA), Lerwick South (28/2/2008)
Shrewsbury and Atcham BC, Pimhill (28/8/2008)
Shropshire CC, Market Drayton (5/6/2008)
Snodland TC, Snodland East (13/3/2008)
Snodland TC, West (24/7/2008)
Somerset CC, Mendip North East (1/5/2008)
Somerset CC, Shepton Mallet (29/5/2008)
South Cambridgeshire DC, Teversham (20/11/2008)
South Lanarkshire Council (UA), Cambuslang East (6/3/2008)
South Oxfordshire DC, Thame North (30/10/2008)
South Somerset DC, Chard Crimchard (29/5/2008)
Southwark LBC, Rotherhithe (9/10/2008)
Spelthorne BC, Ashford East (23/10/2008)
Stafford BC, Common (10/7/2008)
Staffordshire CC, Newcastle Rural (1/5/2008)
Stevenage BC, Pin Green (25/9/2008)
Stevenage BC, Pin Green (27/3/2008)
Stocksbridge TC, East (4/9/2008)
Stowmarket TC (11/9/2008)
Stroud TC, Central (9/10/2008)
Suffolk CC, Stowmarket North and Stowupland (17/4/2008)
Suffolk CC, Woodbridge (18/9/2008)
Suffolk Coastal DC, Witnesham (31/7/2008)
Suffolk Coastal DC, Woodbridge Riverside (18/9/2008)
Sutton LBC, Cheam (28/2/2008)
Swale BC, Minster Cliffs (25/9/2008)
Swale BC, Sheerness East (25/9/2008)
Swale BC, Teynham and Lynsted (2/10/2008)
Taunton Deane BC, Comeytrowe (1/5/2008)
Taunton Deane BC, Ruishton and Creech (2/10/2008)
Teignbridge DC, Kenn Valley (27/11/2008)
Telford and Wrekin Council (UA), Horsehay and Lightmoor (13/3/2008)
Telford and Wrekin Council (UA), Muxton (24/7/2008)
Telford and Wrekin Council (UA), Wrockwardine (13/3/2008)
Tewkesbury BC, Churchdown Brookfield (16/10/2008)
Thatcham TC, Thatcham Central (10/1/2008)
Thatcham TC, Thatcham North (10/1/2008)
Totnes TC, Town (11/1/2008)
Totnes TC, Town (7/2/2008)
Totton Eling TC, Totton South (28/2/2008)
Tower Hamlets LBC, Mile End East (20/11/2008)
Tower Hamlets LBC, Millwall (1/5/2008)
Tower Hamlets LBC, Weavers (1/5/2008)
Trowbridge TC, Trowbridge North East (7/2/2008)
Tynedale DC, Hexham Gilesgate (28/2/2008)
Uttlesford DC, Great Dunmow North (5/6/2008)
Uttoxeter TC, Heath (4/12/2008)
Vale Royal BC, Leftwich and Kingsmead (1/5/2008)
Vale of White Horse DC, Wantage Charlton (13/3/2008)
Walsall MBC, Birchills and Leamore (27/11/2008)
Waltham Forest LBC, Forest (12/6/2008)
Waltham Forest LBC, Hale End and Highams Park (4/12/2008)
Waltham Forest LBC, Leyton (14/2/2008)
Waltham Forest LBC, Valley (6/11/2008)
Wansbeck DC, Ashington Central (1/5/2008)
Wantage TC, Charlton (13/3/2008)
Wantage TC, Segsbury (9/10/2008)
Warwickshire CC, Lawford and New Bilton (6/3/2008)
Watford BC, Tudor (16/10/2008)
Wealden DC, Alfriston (25/9/2008)
Wealden DC, Uckfield New Town (17/7/2008)
Wellingborough BC, Redwell West (27/3/2008)
Wellingborough BC, Wollaston (19/6/2008)
Welwyn Hatfield DC, Hatfield Central (26/6/2008)
Welwyn Hatfield DC, Welham Green (3/1/2008)
West Devon BC, Tavistock North (7/2/2008)
West Lindsey DC, Middle Rasen (9/10/2008)
West Somerset DC, Alcombe East (1/5/2008)
West Wiltshire DC, Trowbridge Central (10/7/2008)
Westminster City Council, Church Street (24/7/2008)
Westminster LBC, Lancaster Gate (23/10/2008)
Weston-super-Mare TC, Summer Lane (13/3/2008)
Wigan MBC, Wigan West (10/7/2008)
Wiltshire CC, Holt and Paxcroft (7/2/2008)
Wiltshire CC, Trowbridge East (7/2/2008)
Winchester City Council, Colden Common and Twyford (25/9/2008)
Witham TC, Witham West (2/10/2008)
Wokingham BC, Coronation (13/11/2008)
Wolverhampton City Council, Wednesfield North (23/10/2008)
Wolverhampton City Council, Wednesfield South (23/10/2008)
Woodbridge TC, Riverside (18/9/2008)
Woodley TC, Coronation Central (13/11/2008)
Woodley TC, Coronation East (13/11/2008)
Worcestershire CC, Arrow Valley East (17/7/2008)
Wycombe DC, Marlow North and West (7/2/2008)
Wymondham TC, Cromwells (18/12/2008)
Wyre BC, Great Eccleston (19/6/2008)
Wyre BC, Victoria (7/2/2008)
Ystalyfera TC, Ystalyfera (30/10/2008)
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