Local Authority Byelection Results 1999 - Summary of Gains & Losses

Principal Authorities Only

Conservative Gains

From Labour

Selby DC, Hambleton (7/1/99)
Gloucestershire CC, Barnwood (25/2/99)
Camden LBC, Swiss Cottage (22/4/99)
Cumbria CC, Belle Vue (10/6/99)
Hertfordshire CC, SE Hemel Hampstead (10/6/99)
King's Lynn & West Norfolk DC, Lynn Central (17/6/99)
Surrey Heath DC, West End (17/6/99)
Adur DC, Widewater. (24/6/99)
Fenland DC, Manea. (24/6/99)
Broxtowe DC, Chilwell East (9/9/99)
Rugby BC, Overslake (28/9/99)
Ealing LBC, Mandeville (30/9/99)
Nottingham City, Portland (21/10/99)
Telford & Wrekin, College (21/10/99)
Broadland DC, Great Witchingham (11/11/99)
Thanet DC, Margate West (18/11/99)
West Somerset DC, Williton (9/12/99)
Oxfordshire CC, Banbury Ruscote (16/12/99)

From Liberal Democrat

Epping Forest DC, Sheering (25/2/99)
Torbay UA, Preston (8/4/99)
West Sussex CC, Steyning (06/05/99)
North Yorkshire CC, Craven North (10/6/99)
Bromley LBC, Bromley Common & Keston (1/7/99)
Fareham DC, Fareham West (15/7/99)
Shropshire CC, Bayston Hill (22/7/99)
Chelmsford BC, Old Moulsham. (16/9/99)
Devon CC, Dawlish (28/10/99)
Somerset CC, Lydeard (28/10/99)
Surrey CC, Waverley West (28/10/99)
Herefordshire UA, Three Elms (18/11/99)

From Others

Malvern Hills DC, Kempsey (06/05/99)
East Hampshire DC, Hangers (10/6/99)
Fife SUA, Elie, St Moran and Pittenweem (26/8/99)

Labour Gains

From Green

Hackney LBC, North Defoe (21/1/99)

From Others

Denbighshire CC, Denbigh Upper Henllan. (24/6/99)
Castle Morpeth BC, Morpeth Kirkhill (11/11/99)

Liberal Democrat Gains

From Conservative

Harrogate DC, Marston Moor (4/2/99)
Cornwall CC, Marazion (06/05/99)
East Sussex CC, Hellingly (06/05/99)
Kent CC, Malling Rural NE (06/05/99)
Malvern Hills DC, Upton on Severn (06/05/99)
West Berkshire UA, Basildon (9/9/99)
Oxfordshire CC, Sonning Common (16/12/99)

From Labour

Sheffield MBC, Park (14/1/99)
St. Helen's MBC, Newton West (21/1/99)
Barnsley MBC, Wombwell North (18/2/99)
Northumberland CC, Wansbeck Newbiggin East (25/2/99)
Cheshire CC, Congleton & Buglawton (18/3/99)
Bedford BC, Kingsbrook (8/4/99)
Barking & Dagenham LBC, Gorebrook (13/05/99)
Oxfordshire CC, Temple Cowley (28/10/99)
Sandwell MBC, Hately Heath (18/11/99)
Wigan MBC, Hindsford (2/12/99)
Islington LBC, Hillrise (16/12/99)
Newport CBC, Beechwood (23/12/99)

Independent & Other Gains

From Labour

Lewisham LBC, Pepys (10/6/99)
Barnsley MBC, South West (29/7/99)
Powys CC, Dwfearth and Trecoid (18/11/99)
Sandwell MBC, St. Pauls (18/11/99)

From Liberal Democrat

Cornwall CC, Callington (29/7/99)

Information courtesy of the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors.
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