EDKIN descendants of Thomas Jefferson EDKIN, PA,USA [Sources]

With grateful acknowledgment to Vicki Enigk who provided the data for this page.

                               Jefferson  Hannah
                                EDKIN   = CORSON
                                b.1808  |
                               (Sullivan Cty, PA)
                       |                            |
                     George   Sarah         Elizabeth EDKIN b.1834
                     EDKIN  = HARDING       Lucretia EDKIN b.1841
                     b.1835 | b.1838        Dawson EDKIN b.1844
                   |                  |
         John W. EDKIN b.1859      Howard L.   May
         Addie EDKIN 1861-1869      EDKIN   = SMITH
         Aaron S. EDKIN d.1869     1876-1939
         J. May EDKIN b.1870
         Laura J. EDKIN b.1872

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