EDKINS - Edkins Family of Evesham, WOR,ENG > Geauga, OH,USA. [Sources]

      possible origin
         EDKINS = Elizabeth
         b.1823 | b.1820 or 1823?
   Long Marston | Aston Someville
         Farmer |
       Emma EDKINS b.1848 = Thomas JELFS
       Ellen EDKINS b.1853
       Bessey EDKINS b.1856 = A.D. SIMMONS
       Caroline EDKINS b.1857 = John TIMMONS
       Jane or Jennie EDKINS b.1859 = Lincoln BEARDSLEY
       Alice EDKINS b.1862
       Oliver EDKINS b.1864
       (These 7 Evesham > Geauga)
       Elizabeth Thirza EDKINS b.1851
       Mary EDKINS b.1852
       (These 2 not known to have reached Geauga)

Source: Census Data | Registers
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