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Census: 6th June 1841

Ages may be rounded to multiples of 5
1841 Binton, WAR (1126-4-38)
Thomas EDKINS39Ag Lab
Hannah EDKINS38
Thomas EDKINS15
George EDKINS3
John EDKINS5 months

Census: 30th March 1851

1851 Infirmary Chapel Lane, Stratford On Avon, WAR (2074-235-9)
Margaret EDKINS (edk00023) Head50Matron At The InfirmaryBidford-WAR
Patience EDKINS ---45Assistant At InfirmaryBroad Marston-GLS

1851 Scholars Lane, Stratford on Avon, WAR (2074-249-36)
Henry EDKINS Head40LabourerLuddington-Warwickshire
Eliza EDKINSDaur12 Stratford on Avon-Warwickshire
William Hy. EDKINSSon10 Stratford on Avon-Warwickshire

1851 Waterside, Stratford on Avon, WAR (2074-258-8)
William EDKINS Head41Coal Wharf LabourerStratford on Avon-Warwick
Mary Ann EDKINSWife39 Stratford on Avon-Warwick
Elizabeth EDKINSDaur20 Stratford on Avon-Warwick
Ann EDKINSDaur18 Stratford on Avon-Warwick

1851 Welford, Stratford On Avon, WAR (2074-445-3)
John EDKINS Head38Market Gardner Of About 3 1/2 AcresLuddington-War
Mary EDKINSWife38 Alveston-War

1851 Binton Village, Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire (2074-473-6)
Thomas EDKINS Head49Farm LabDorsington-GLS
Hannah EDKINSWife48--Pebworth-GLS
William EDKINSSon27Farm LabWelford-GLS
George EDKINSSon12Farm LabBinton-War
John EDKINSSon10ScholarBinton-War

1851 Binton Village, Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire (2074-474-9)
Mary HUNTHead (W)46SemstressEversham-Wor
Nathan HUNTSon11Needle MakerBinton-War
Joseph EDKINS SonL22Farm LabWelford-GLS
Pheby E. EDKINSDaur19Dress MakerTardebigg-Wor
Emma EDKINSGDau1m Binton-War

1851 Old Stratford, Stratford on Avon, WAR (2074-602-2)
Joseph EDKINS Head30Market GardenerLuddinton-WAR
Ann EDKINSWife31 Welford-GLS
William EDKINSSon5 Luddington-WAR
John EDKINSSon3 Luddington
Mary Ann EDKINSDaur1 Luddington
read Grandmother!
GDau80 Luddington

Census: 3rd April 1881

1881 Worcester, WOR (2916-72-8)
William EDKINS Head35Railway PorterLuddington WAR
Sarah EDKINSWife38WifeLongford DBY
Albert G EDKINSSon11ScholarWOR
Cf BCI (1869D): Albert George Edkins, Worcester

1881 4 St Lukes Place, St Lukes Rd, Birmingham, WAR (2980-13-19)
Henry EDKINS Head23ConfectionerWelford on Avon GLS
ElizabethWife25 Birmingham WAR
Ernest HenrySon1 Birmingham WAR

1881 24 Church St, Stratford On Avon, WAR (3100-7-6)
Elizabeth EDKINS (edk00025)Head52Cook DomStratford On Avon, WAR
William R. EDKINS Son16Errand BoyNorton, GLS
Patience EDKINSLodger75Formerly a NurseBroad Marston, GLS

1881 Welford, GLS (3102-46-14)
Arthur EDKINS Head26GardenerWelford on Avon GLS
Louisa EDKINSWife28 Sudgrove GLS
Fanny L EDKINSDau1 Cheltenham GLS
Cf BCI (1880J): Fanny Louisa Edkins, Cheltenham

1881 Welford, WAR (3102-50-22)
Joseph EDKINS Head60Market GardenerLuddington
Ann EDKINSWife61 Welford on Avon

1881 Binton, WAR (3102-75-3)
Charles EDKINS Head28Ag LabBinton WAR
Elizabeth Diana EDKINSWife31 Binton WAR
Thomas J EDKINSSon10ScholarBinton WAR
Emma EDKINSDau9ScholarBinton WAR
Alice EDKINSDau7ScholarBinton WAR
Charles EDKINSSon5ScholarBinton WAR
Roseanna EDKINSDau4 Binton WAR
Walter EDKINSSon2 Binton WAR
Harriet EDKINSDau7m Binton WAR

1881 Temple Grafton, WAR (3102-91-15)
Joseph EDKINS Head52Ag LabBinton WAR
Phebe E EDKINSWife49 Webheath WOR
Rhoda EDKINSDau18Servant DomBinton WAR
Hellen EDKINSDau12ScholarBinton WAR
Joseph N EDKINSSon10ScholarBinton WAR
George EDKINSSon9ScholarBinton WAR

Census: 31 Mar 1901

1901 Grafton, WAR. Page 1133125, persons 27229828-31
George Edkins27Warwick BintonMarket Gardener
Mary Edkins27Warwick Bidford 
George Edkins3Warwick Grafton 
Cf BCI (1898M): George Henry Edkins, Stratford-on-Avon
Lillian Edkins1Warwick Grafton 
Cf BCI (1899D): Lilian Margaret Edkins, Stratford-on-Avon

Parish Registers

Binton, WAR (IGI)
Ann Carolined. of Thomas & Hannah EDKINS27 Jun 1830
Charless. of Thomas & Hannah EDKINS13 Apr 1833
Jamess. of Thomas & Hannah EDKINS02 Aug 1835
Georges. of Thomas & Hannah EDKINS12 Nov 1837
George EDKINS= Mary HUNT30 Nov 1861
Johns. of Thomas & Hannah EDKINS28 Apr 1841
Rhodas. of Thomas & Hannah EDKINS27 Apr 1845
Ann Caroline EDKINS= James KNIGHT30 Dec 1849
Joseph EDKINS= Phoebe Emma HUNT25 Jan 1851
Emmad. of Joseph & Phoebe EDKINS20 Jul 1851
Charless. of Joseph & Phoebe EDKINS18 Jul 1852
Ann Carolined. of Joseph & Phoebe EDKINS23 Apr 1855
Phoebed. of Joseph & Phoebe EDKINS20 May 1855
Thomass. of Joseph & Phoebe EDKINS02 Feb 1857
Marthad. of Joseph & Phoebe EDKINS02 Jan 1858
Williams. of Joseph & Phoebe EDKINS30 Jan 1859
Rose Hannahd. of Joseph & Phoebe EDKINS10 Feb 1861
Rhodad. of Joseph & Phoebe EDKINS22 Mar 1863
Berthad. of Joseph & Phoebe Emma EDKINS01 Apr 1866
Ellend. of Joseph & Phoebe Emma EDKINS25 Oct 1868
Helen EDKINS= Frederick Edward BROOKES30 Jun 1889
Joseph Nathans. of Joseph & Phoebe EDKINS07 Apr 1871
Georges. of Joseph & Phoebe EDKINS19 Jul 1874
Thomas Johns. of Charles & Elizabeth Diana EDKINS24 Jul 1870
Emmad. of Charles & Elizabeth Diana EDKINS25 Dec 1872
Aliced. of Charles & Elizabeth Diana EDKINS19 Jul 1874
Charless. of Charles & Elizabeth Diana EDKINS13 May 1877
Rosannad. of Charles & Elizabeth Diana EDKINS13 May 1877
Stratford-on-Avon (Holy Trinity), WAR (IGI & M/F)
Susannah EDKINS= Richard DUMBLETON10 Oct 1786
William EDKINS= Mary COLE05 Jan 1793
Maryd. of William & Mary EDKINS29 Sep 1793
Williams. of William & Mary EDKINS22 Nov 1795
Elizabethd. of William & Mary EDKINS18 Feb 1798
Elizabeth EDKINS= John Woodfield10 Apr 1825
Sarahd. of William & Mary EDKINS07 Sep 1800
Thomass. of William & Mary EDKINS09 Oct 1803
Samuels. of William & Mary EDKINS20 Jun 1806
Susannahd. of William & Mary EDKINS03 Aug 1808
Henrys. of William & Mary EDKINS14 Apr 1811
Johns. of William* & Mary EDKINS
(* Labourer of Luddington)
06 Jun 1813
Josephilleg. s. of Elizabeth EDKINS
of Luddington
29 Apr 1821
Henry EDKINS= Patience LESTER03 Oct 1834
Mary Annd. of Henry & Patience EDKINS12 Oct 1836
Elizad. of Henry & Patience EDKINS21 Sep 1839
Mary Annd. of Joseph & Ann EDKINS04 Mar 1850
Welford-on-Avon, WAR (IGI)
Fannyd. of Joseph & Ann EDKINS03 Apr 1853
Arthur Josephs. of Joseph & Ann EDKINS28 Oct 1855
Henrys. of Joseph & Ann EDKINS25 Dec 1857
Sarah Anns. of Joseph & Ann EDKINS21 Jul 1861

Death records for Orange County, California USA

born 4 May 1878 outside USA
died Orange 30 Jan 1958
mother's maiden name NEWMAN

Newman Harding EDKINS
born 11 Jan 1915 Orange
died Orange 17 Mar 1985
mother's maiden name McELROY

Wallace EDKINS
born 9 Dec 1918 Orange
died Orange 7 Jan 1987
mother's maiden name McELROY

Monumental Inscriptions

Binton, St Peter

In Loving Memory of Joseph Edkins who died Mar 26th 1906 aged 77 years.
Also of Ph[o]ebe Emma the beloved wife of the above Joseph Edkins who died Mar 22nd 1892 aged 60 years.

In Loving Memory of my dear wife Elizabeth Edkins passed away May 30th 1937 aged 69 years.
Also of her husband Joseph Nathan Edkins passed away Dec 17th 1956 aged 86 years.

Welford-on-Avon, St Peter

In Loving Memory of Joseph Edkins died Jan. 4th 1897 aged 76.
Ann wife of the above died Feb. 18th 1908 aged 87.
And also the beloved children of the above.
Mary Ann Edkins died Jan. 10th 1853 aged 2 years 11 months.
Sarah Ann Edkins died April 4th 1863 aged 1 years 10 months.
Fanny Edkins died May 12th aged 10 years.


Extract of Will of Elizabeth EDKINS
Proved: Jun 1837 (Quire 445)
Living at Shottery, Startford, Warwickshire.
Refers to her nephew John Edkins of Luddington, Old Stratford (the son of her brother William Edkins and his wife Mary), and her sister Susannah Dumbleton.