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The CD Rom Digger Vic Pioneer Index 1836-1888 states Charles EDKINS mar. Louisa Jane HUEY in 1868, Regno 3622.

QUEENSLAND marriages (ex Oz = PRO):

In Victoria:
George Charles 1853
Un-named male 1856
Edward Rowland 1858
Richmond Henry 1861

The Children of Edward Rowland Edkins(I) and Edwina Marion Huey were:
Alethia Louisa 18.8.1868
Alethea Louisa died 4.5.1869
Eustace 14.9.1869
Eustace died 24.9.1869
Amie Huey 19.4.1874
Edward Rowland (II) 30.1.1871
Edwina Mary 26.8.1872
Beresford Harry Huey 12.8.1876
Kate Huey 31.12.1877
Boyd Robertson Huey 12.12.1882

Mary Sophia EDKINS b/bp 1844/45 Bridgnorth Shrop. Eng. mar. William CLARKE on 9 Jan 1868 in the House of Mrs Edkins, Bowen QLD,(4) according to the Rites of the Church of England.

Court procedings

WINDEYER J. delivered the following written judgment:-

This is an appeal by Lucy Bimbah Peterson, as trustee of the estate of her mother, Lucy Elizabeth Edkins deceased, against an assessment of the Deputy Commissioner of Taxation under the Income Tax and Social Services Contribution Assessment Act 1936- 1954. Mrs Edkins died on 29th December 1954.

3. By her will Mrs Edkins appointed the appellant her executrix and trustee. ... She left her estate beneficially as to one-half to the appellant, and as to the other half to another daughter, Edwina Rosamond Brown for her life with remainder to her children. That daughter died before the testatrix.

Published Biographies

EDKINS, EDWARD ROWLAND (1840-1905), pastoral manager, was born on 10 January 1840 at Bridgnorth. Shropshire, England, the youngest son of Thomas Oliver Edkins, stationer and sometime mayor, and his wife Louisa, née Winton. When his father died, Edkins migrated to Victoria with his mother and other members of the family: they arrived in 1852. In the late 1850s Edkins began droving and about 1862 was reputed the first to take cattle across the Burdekin River when he drove some 4000 head from New South Wales to stock Bluff Downs, Mary Vale and Wando Vale runs for Robert Stewart, Glen Walker and others. In 1864 he learned in Victoria how to inoculate cattle against pleuropneumonia and was employed to inoculate stock on runs near Rockhampton. In 1866 he and his brother Henry ran the boiling-down works at Burketown for the Scottish Australian Co. Ltd, and perfected a technique of curing beef for markets in Batavia and Singapore.

On October 1867 at Emerald Hill. Victoria, Edkins married Edwina Marion, daughter of Dr Walter Huey (1797-1843) of Launceston. Tasmania, and his wife Alethea née Martin. With his bride, he made the long trip from Melbourne to Burketown where he managed Beamesbrook station for the Scottish Australian Co. and where the first two of his eight children died and in 1871 his wife's brother Edward, on leave from India, was fatally speared. In 1872 Beamesbrook was abandoncd and Edkins with his family and 12,000 cattle went to manage Mount Cornish station, the western lease of Bowen Downs. Under Edkins's management the station's Shorthorn herd became one of the best known in the colony but drought from 1898 to 1902 reduced the cattle from 36,000 to 1300, despite artesian watering improvements made in 1891-96. Deciding not to restock, the company sold the property to the New Zealand and Australian Land Co. and Edkins went with his wife to Sydney, where he was pastoral inspector for the Scottish Australian Co. Descendants are still in the Longreach district.

In the 1880s and 1890s with Frank Hann Edkins had taken up Lawn Hill in the Northern Territory, and with other partners held Roxborough, Katandra and Dunrobin. He was a justice of the peace from December 1869, and a member until December 1902 and six times chairman of the Aramac Divisional Board. He named several district features and the town of Muttaburra, which he intended to be Mootaburra. He died at Drummoyne, Sydney, on 14 August 1905 and was buried in the churchyard of St Thomas's, Enfield. He was survived by his wife and six children.

Australian Dictionary of Biography

E.R.Edkins is mentioned in:
History - Gulf Fever:
8 Sept 1866 | 26 Sept 1866 | 1875 | 11 Jul 1876
Sweers Island History
History of Longreach

EDKINS, EDWARD ROWLAND HUEY (1871-1939), pastoralist, was the son of Edward Rowland Edkins, pastoralist, and his wife Edwina Marion, née Huey, daughter of a pioneer Tasmanian doctor. The family had settled in the Gulf country managing Beamsbrook station on the Albert River, Queensland, in the early 1860s. Edward Rowland Huey was born on 30 January 1871 at Maryborough. Educated at Launceston Grammar School, Tasmania, and at Wesley College, Melbourne, he learned the pastoral business chiefly as a jackeroo on Kensington Downs, Queensland, under John Cameron.

In August 1890 Edward selected his own property. Bimbah, near Longreach, and lived there for the rest of his life. He soon became president of the Mitchell Selectors' Association and was president of the succeeding Graziers' Association of Central and North Queensland in 1918-22. He represented the latter in the United Graziers' Association of which he was vice-president in 1920-21 and an executive officer from 1921. Frequently president of the Longreach Pastoral and Agricultural Society, he helped to found the Longreach Shire Council, became its first chairman and occupied the position many times thereafter. As his business interests expanded. he became chairman of Edkins, Marsh & Co. Ltd, which owned a stock and station agency and a chain of wool-scours and Edkins, Campbell & Co. which controlled seven large stations including Bimbah.

An enthusiastic sportsman, Edkins played tennis and cricket and chaired football, tennis and cricket clubs. His main love was the turf and besides being president of the Longreach Jockey Club for nearly forty years, he founded the Longreach Amateur Racing Club in 1912 and was its president for many years. His Snapshot won the Queensland Cup in 1908 and his Piastoon won the Sydney Cup in 1927. He is credited with having initiated the practice of positioning judges well back from the edge of race tracks. On 30 April 1894 at Rockhampton he married Lucy Elizabeth Rule; they had three children. Edkins died of cerebro-vascular disease at Longreach on 23 June 1939 leaving an estate valued for probate at £21 457. He was buried in the Anglican section of Longreach cemetery.

Australian Dictionary of Biography

photo His brother BOYD ROBERTSON HUEY EDKINS (1882-1930), racing driver, was born on 12 December 1882 at Mount Cornish Station, Muttaburra. Queensland. Educated at The King's School, Parramatta, New South Wales, he managed the family's Malboona briefly, but country life had little appeal for him and he returned to Sydney about 1905. In August 1906, in the chapel of The King's School, he married Katherine Muriel Edwards: they had two children. Edkins was employed initially by Kinglec Ltd, selling farm machinery, but about 1908 he joined the motor dealer George Innes, agent for Vauxhall and Humber cars. Just before World War I he established an independent business called Motor House in Milford Street. After the war he floated this as a company, Boyd Edkins Ltd. To prove the worth of their cars, retailers often took a leading part in races and rallies. Edkins twice broke the speed record from Melbourne to Sydney, in 1914 and in March 1916. He held hill-climb records in both New South Wales and Queensland and in December 1922 broke the record from Sydney to Brisbane.

For four years Edkins was president of the Motor Traders' Association of New South Wales. He chaired the inaugural meeting in 1920 of the National Roads Association, was chairman of its provisional committee, and became one of its first vice-presidents. He negotiated for amalgamation with the equivalent Victorian association, was a leader of the 1923 reorganization as the National Roads and Motorists' Association, and was a councillor of the association until 1929. The police consulted him frequently on traffic policy.

Edkins was frequently under stress because of the need to pay for imported cars before they were unloaded from ships, a practice which often necessitated a scramble for funds when a cargo arrived. He died in Sydney of chronic nephritis on 23 January 1930 leaving an estate valued for probate at £14 644. He was cremated.

Australian Dictionary of Biography

Boyd Edkins' motor company was subsequently called Boyded Holden.

Monumental Inscriptions

St. James Church Cemetery, Kerikeri, New Zealand
Loving memory of Beresford Harry Huey EDKINS, Dearly Loved Husband of Alfreda. D. 8-3-1964 aged 87 years.