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Subjects of Queries
David EDKINS of Bidford-on-Avon
Elizabeth EDKINS, ca.1790, ENG
Matilda EDKINS (widow), ca.1775, London, ENG
Muriel EDKINS, ca.1900, ENG
Newman Birt EDKINS, 1897, Alcester, WAR,ENG > AU
Priscilla EDKINS, m.1798, Woolwich, KEN,ENG
Sidney (James) Alfred EDKINS, d.1915, ENG > NZ
Thomas EDKIN, 1830, US(?)
EDKINS, ca.1903, Reddith, WOR,ENG
EDKINS emigrants to Australia 1852
From: Kerrie O'Hagan <kerrieohagan@bigpond.com>
Date: 12 Jun 2009

I am also researching the Edkins family.  My interest is the branch that came to Australia in 1852.

From: Paul Windley <Pwpriory@aol.com>
Date: 1 Oct 2002

I am seeking information about my ggg grandmother. All I know about her is her maiden name (above) and the fact that she married Thomas WINDLEY in Lambeth in 1811. For some reason they had their second child, Elizabeth Sarah, baptised in the parish of Aston in Deritend and Bordesley (Warwickshire) in 1816 (abode given as Rea Street). This would seem to indicate a previous link with Warwickshire.

From: William Morrison <moredburn@hotmail.com>
Date: 1 Feb 2000

I am searching for any descendants of my great-grandfather, David Edkins of Marlcliff, Bidford-on-Avon, Warwickshire. David was born in December, 1862, the son of John Edkins and Jane Knight. He moved to Bradford, Yorks. sometime in the early 1880's and married my great-grandmother, Elizabeth Jaques (Jacques) in 1886 in Bradford. They settled in the Manningham district of Bradford and had at least 4 children - Emily, Charles, Mabel and Freddie. Elizabeth died of pleurisy in July, 1901. David remarried some time later to a woman named Alice. He died in 1911.

Mabel, my grandmother, married Albert Redburn and moved to Canada in 1920. Emily followed her to Canada. I know their brother Charles died in 1939 but I have no idea of what happened to their youngest brother, Freddie. I do know he married a woman named Doris in 1926 as I have a copy of their wedding picture. I would be most interested in any information on the families of both Charles and Freddie.

From: Darren Russell <tararua.lib.trust@xtra.co.nz>
Date: 10 May 1999

I have been searching the net for as much information as I can find on Edkins genealogy because my great-great grandfather Sidney (James) Alfred Edkins is proving very much of a mystery. Most of what I have is hearsay and to be honest guess work.

I believe he was born Sidney Alfred Edkins son of Edmund and Frances Edkins nee CULLIS born 1865. This is because it is the closest to his name combination I can come to, He too later married a CULLIS and his daughter was named Frances. I also found a death record in New Zealand for his brother.

He is known to have married in South Africa and brought his family to New Zealand 1908-1912c.

According to his widows remarriage certificate he died on (or she became a widow on) 03 November 1915. I can not find a civil or military death for him in NZ or UK records.

Could you please help me with this mystery

From: Peter Edkins <pedkins@satlink.com.au>
Date: 2 Apr 1999

I would be interested to hear from any "Alcester"-line Edkins, or anyone who recognises the name "Newman Birt Edkins". (My parents separated after the War, and I have at this stage no records or even names of other family members)

From: Denis Edkins <Denisedkins@cwcom.net>
Date: 25 Feb 1999

I am a member of the Edkins family who moved from Redditch to Bishop Auckland in about 1903. Any news or contact would be welcome.

From: Peter A. Clark <patclark@powerup.com.au>
Date: 5 Apr 1998

I have, or had, an aunt Muriel Clark, nee Edkins. Her husband was Sydney Joseph Clark b. 1898 at Bromley by Bow, Middlesex. I have no details of the marriage or possible offspring although I am given to understand by my father that there were none. If you know anything of these people I would be eager to hear from you.

From: Ron Hunter <Huntergray@aol.com>
Date: ? 1998

My g/g/grandfather George Hunter (Royal Horse Artillery) married Matilda Edkins on 31 October 1797 in St. Nicholas's Church Woolwich. Matilda was born circa 1775.

Matilda was a widow but was named as Idkens on the banns and Register. BUT signed herself as Edkins. A witness was Elizabeth Edkins.

On April 29th 1792 at Plumstead the burial took place of Dodo E(d)kins (or Eckens - Ed) a Surgeon of the Royal Artillery. He may/maynot have been her deceased husband.

If you have any information of Matilda I would be greatly obliged as I have had no luck in the past two years.

From: Victoria Enigk <QUEENIEVEE@aol.com>
Date: 28 December 1997

Thomas EDKIN b. May 6, 1830 married Anna BARTLOW b. Aug. 24, 1824.

Had 13 children: Filma, Martin, Clarence, Alma, Francis, Eliza, Lincoln, ___Jane, ___ Catherine, Mary, Lucy, Edith & Sarah. Eliza EDKIN married George Washington GOLDER.

Seeking more about Thomas EDKIN's origins, and any info about descendents.

Originally posted in Sullivan County PA Queries

From: Pat Copeland <reg@cgocable.net>
Date: 22 September 1998

I see you are looking for information on Edkins. We have a bit of information on one individual. She was Priscilla Edkins who married a William Coupland on June 24, 1798 in Woolwich, Kent. William Coupland was in the Royal Artillery. Unfortunately, that is all we know about her.

Copeland Family Tree

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