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The pupose of this page is to list all known EDKINS Surname researchers.
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(Laurence) Keith Edkins.
Cambridge, England.
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Any and all - the author of this site.
My own family:
Laurence Keith Edkins, b. 1949, Blackpool, LAN,ENG
.George John Edkins, b.1921, Chiswick, LON,ENG
..George Felton Edkins, b.1891, Hampstead, LON,ENG
...George James Charles Robinson Edkins, b.1859, St Helier, CHI,UK
....James Richard Edkins, b.1822, Georgetown, GUY
.....James George Edkins, b.ca.1795, possibly Dublin, IRL
Lloyd Fletcher & Anne Le Maistre.
E-mail: allem@blueyonder.co.uk
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The following family in the area south of Birmingham:
Mary Ellen Edkins, b. 1873, Yardley, WOR,ENG
.George Edkins, b.1845, Aston, WAR,ENG
..Thomas Edkins, b.1806, Rowington, WAR,ENG
...Samuel Edkins, b.ca.1757
Peter Durward Edkins.
South Africa.
E-mail: edkinpe1 -at- icon.co.za
Edkins families in South Africa.
His own family:
Peter Durward Edkins, b. 1946, ZAF
.Frank Edkins, b.1914, ZAF
..William Shrewsbury Edkins, b.1861, ZAF
...John Edkins, b.1813 in England
....John Edkins, b.1792 in England, emigrated 1820

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