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Blahfonts - Free PC fonts for the grabbing

These are a collection of fonts that I designed on the computer. You can download them absolutely for free, and copy them and give them to friends, etc.
Here are a few points:

Anyway, enough yakking, here are the fonts. There are currently 10 fonts on this page.


Click here to download Anger
| Mac version

This is the first font that I designed on the computer. It's spiky, to make it look really angry. "I am angry, annoyed, furious and generally a bit peeved." My Mum said this and I put it here because it sounds nice. Anger looks good from about 24 point upwards. 5/10/1997

Zany Whatever It Means
Click here to download Zany Whatever It Means
| Mac version

I'm not entirely sure what Zany means, but I'm sure it applies to this font. It's very weird and wobbles everywhere. You will find all the silly characters defined, but there are smaller versions of the capitals put into the lower case places. Use as large as possible and in small amounts, as it is rather hard to read.

Boring Boring
Click here to download Boring Boring
| Mac version

This rather sensible font was made on request from my old Primary school, St. Matthew's, Cambridge. It looks a bit like handwriting, but isn't joined up. It's very easy to read. 26/10/1997

Click here to download Squiggly
| Mac version

This font, Squiggly, was partly designed by me and partly designed by my friend Francis Galloway. It's a sort of hallowe'en type font. Squiggly looks best large, but can be read as small as 10 point. 30/10/1997

Click here to download Subtlety
| Mac version

This is a very un-subtle font. It's kind of got lots of spikes hanging from it, which are best seen at LARGE sizes. If you can, try coloring it red. 15/11/1997

What A Stupid Name
Click here to download What A Stupid Name

Well, it is quite a stupid name, isn't it! It's also quite a stupid font. Both capitals and lower case letters look like capitals, but in different positions (see A in "What" and A in "A".)
If your word processor isn't very good at dealing with thin lines, don't use this font! The thin lines are fifty times thinner than the thick chunks. What A Stupid Name is pretty difficult to read, so is best used for short and large headings.14/10/1997 I think.

Metal Font
Click here to download Metal Font

This chunky font was designed by another one of my friends, Nils Curtis George Frame Hagelberg. He originally used it for a project we were doing at school about superheroes ("Metal Man") and soon afterwards I had to design some letters in a hurry for another school project (making a magazine called "Mega Mag".)
This font has capitals and slightly smaller capitals and needs to be at least 24 points big or the little dents will be too small to see.

Click here to download Loopy
| Mac version

This font can be read at 10pt (with some practice). This was also designed by a friend, called Joe Greenwood. In case you're wondering, I do have my own ideas for fonts but I don't want to disappoint my friends.
As you can see, it looks a bit like handwriting with loops.

The Daily Blah
Click here to download The Daily Blah

Now, I've been designing Blahfonts for almost a year, but before now there has been no Daily Blah font. So I designed this. I'm very proud that this can be read at 8pt and still looks good at 48pt. As you can see, it is similar to those Old-English fonts but slightly less fussy. 5/9/1998

Wonky Typewriter (or C.R.E font)
Click here to download Wonky Typewriter
| Mac version

I started designing this font as part of an English coursework (how sad can you get). We were making posters based on those by the Commission for Racial Equality (you can visit their website if you like) which used a very distinctive font indeed. I tried to design a font as similar to this as possible, and this is the result. Use this font is you want the effect of a really old badly made typewriter. You can try small writing, although I wouldn't recommend it. This font was finished exactly two years after Squiggly. 30/10/1999

Click here to download Humbug

I admit I haven't been producing much over the past year or so, but I haven't forgotten about Blahfonts... This one's called Humbug, because it's stripey. It looks like someone's drawn outline letters then drawn stripes through with a marker pen. Although it was designed with this in mind, the actual process is more complicated - each of the transparent areas (holes) have to be defined as a separate contour. This font doesn't look at all impressive below 20pt - use it big and anti-aliased (smooth edges) if the software you are using supports it. 19/8/2000

Odd Modern
Click here to download Odd Modern

This font is certainly quite odd. Although it might at first appear to be a normal sans-serif typeface, you will soon notice that some of the letters (e.g. A, B and M) are unusual shapes. Most characters can be read as small at 10pt. 5/11/2000

Click her to download Fn0t

The name "fn0t".... don't ask. All characters in this font have the same width. This makes it good for console text or that sort of thing. In fact that's what it's designed for (see it in use in XTerm). It was designed for maximum legibility but also a distinctive appearance. NOTE: This font has changed slightly - previously, the back-quote character was rather thin and tended to be displayed as a single dot at certain sizes. This has now been fixed. 22/4/2003


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