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Auchenorrhyncha: Fulgoromorpha

Cixius nervosus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Cixius nervosus
  • Cambridge, Cherry Hinton West Pit TL482555, 1 Sep 2015.
  • Family Cixiidae (lace-hoppers)
  • Widespread and common species found on deciduous trees and shrubs
  • NBN Atlas

Tachycixius pilosus (Olivier, 1791)

Tachycixius pilosus
  • Cambridge, Coldhams Common TL474583, 30 May 2017.
  • Distinguished by the presence of dark spots between the veins at the tip of the forewing. There are also usually three short dark stripes along the forewing edge.
  • Adults on deciduous trees and shrubs, the larvae feeding at the base of various grasses.
  • NBN Atlas

Asiraca clavicornis (Fabricius, 1794)

Asiraca clavicornis nymph Asiraca clavicornis adult
  • Cambridge, garden; nymph 8 Sep 2014; adult 22 May 2015.
  • Family Delphacidae
  • Easily recognised by its thick antennae and swollen front legs. Its German name "Schaufelspornzikade" appears to translate as "Shovel spur cicada"
  • Until recently thought to be declining in range - may now be expanding again
  • NBN Atlas

Dicranotropis hamata (Boheman, 1847)

Dicranotropis hamata
  • Gwydir Street; 27 Aug 2021.
  • Family Delphacidae
  • Usually brachypterous. Males have a dark abdomen and pale forewings which have a dark spot at the tip of the clavus. In addition, the genital segment is strongly extended backwards.
  • Found on various grasses throughout Great Britain. NBN Atlas

Hyledelphax elegantula (Boheman, 1847)

Hyledelphax elegantula
  • Cambridge, Barnwell East LNR TL479583; 4 July 2017.
  • Family Delphacidae
  • Forewings are hyaline (translucent) and usually brachypterous (shorter than the abdomen)
  • Common in grassland, although easy to overlook at only about 3mm long. NBN Atlas

Javesella forcipata (Boheman, 1847)

Javesella forcipata
  • Lime Kiln Close, Cherry Hinton TL485561; 1 Jul 2021
  • Family Delphacidae
  • A local species on grasses, usually in woodland, across the UK. Difficult to distinguish from J. obscurella
  • NBN Atlas

Javesella pellucida (Fabricius, 1794)

Javesella pellucida
  • Cambridge, garden; 26 May 2016.
  • Family Delphacidae
  • Mainly on grasses, also conifers and horsetails.
  • Widespread in southern & central England. NBN Atlas

Stenocranus major (Kirschbaum, 1868)

Stenocranus major
  • Cambridge - Perse Girls School nature reserve TL446570, 16 Sep 2014
  • Family Delphacidae
  • Locally common in southern Britain in marshy places with reed canary grass (Phalaris arundinacea)
  • Caution: the scarcer S. fuscovittatus can only be distinguished with difficulty
  • NBN Atlas

Issus coleoptratus (Fabricius, 1781)

Issus coleoptratus nymph Issus coleoptratus adult
  • Cambridge, 15-17 May 2015.
  • Family Issidae: one of only two British representatives of this family
  • The other, I. muscaeformis, is rarer and does not have a dark band across the face
  • Found on a range of woody plants, including most common deciduous trees; also on Ivy, as here
  • NBN Atlas
  • Enlarged images: Nymph | Adult
Issus coleoptratus nymph
  • West Pit, Cherry Hinton TL482555, 18 November 2014.
  • This rather poor image is included as it appears to be the first record in VC29.

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