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These interactive webpages allow you to set up simple electric circuits and run them.

Introduction to Electrcity This allows you to set up a circuit with battery, switches, light bulbs, resistors, motors, flashing light bulbs, etc. You can explore how to make an electric circuit and what is a short circuit. You can make a simple circuit or parallel circuits, and observe what effect this has on the brightnesses of light bulbs in various parts of the circuit. This is just an introduction, so there is no measuring of voltage or current, but it does allow you to explore simple facts about electricity in a fun way. Suitable for Primary School children of 7-11 years old (although others may enjoy it as well). Information for teachers
Voltage, Current, Resistance This allows you to set up a circuit with resistors of various values, plus ammeters and voltmeters to measure current and voltage. This means that you can explore Ohms Law and how resistances can be combined in simple and parallel circuits. Since there are no light bulbs, all that happens when you run the circuit is that the meters show various values. So this is less fun, more a serious educational exercise. Suitable for early Secondary School children of 12-14 years old (although others may use it as well). Information for teachers

Older versions

Whenever I try to improve my webpages, some people seem to prefer the old versions. So here they are:

Old Introduction to Electrcity
Original Introduction to Electrcity

Personally, I think the current version, above, is much easier to use!