Scorpion Patience

Type of game: Cards hidden:


The cards are laid out in 7 rows of 7 cards each, with some cards face down and some showing. (You can choose how many are hid, the less hid, the easier the game.) There are 3 cards left, and you can deal those whenever you want, by clicking on the button. They go on the bottom row, in the first 3 columns.

You move cards onto the bottom of the columns. For example, if the six of hearts is at the bottom of a column, and you can see the five of hearts (even if it has other cards on top of it), click on the five first, then the six (this is two different clicks, not click-and-drag). The five of hearts, plus all the cards on top of it, will be moved on top of the six of hearts. If you click on a card to move it, then change your mind before the actual move, just click on a different card.

If a face-down card is bottom of the column, then click on it to turn it over.

In Scorpion you can move any visible king (plus any cards on it) into a gap. In Wasp, you can move any visible card (and the cards on it). Wasp is therefore the easier game.

The game is to get all four suits in order. This is hard for Scorpion with 12 cards hidden.

The cards are based on an antique pack of cards. In Britain, solitary games of cards like this are called Patience, not Solitaire, and cards come in packs, not decks.

If you find these cards too small to see, try the large version.

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