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Join the dots with 4 lines

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Draw 4 lines through all the dots on the left. The lines must be continuous; if you were drawing the line on a piece of paper, then the pen must not leave the paper. One line, as long as it is straight, can go through several dots.

You start from the red dot. If you want to start somewhere else, click here until you get the one you want. Then click on the direction of line you want. It will only give you one move at a time, from one dot to the next. If you want to go further, then click again. As long as you don't change direction, it will all count as a single line. Remember, only 4 lines allowed. It is possible, honest!

Solution - but don't click here until you've tried it for yourself. The solution is more fun, and makes more sense, after your own attempts.

If you like making patterns with this, there is a much bigger drawing version here.