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The rabbit in the lake

There is a rabbit swimming in the middle of the lake. On the edge of the lake, there is a man who wants to catch the rabbit. He doesn't have a boat, so all he can do is run round the edge of the lake. The rabbit tries to swim to the edge of the lake to escape. The man can run four times as fast as the rabbit can swim, but when the rabbit gets to the edge, it can run faster than the man. Does the man always catch the rabbit, or can the rabbit escape?

There are a couple of obvious paths for the rabbit. Try them and see what happens.

Possibilities: Rabbit swims in a away from the man.

It seems that the man always catches the rabit. But does he?

Click here to see if the rabbit can escape but think about it yourself first! The explanation is more fun, and makes more sense, after your own attempts.