The Beddome family

I am Joanna Edkins née Dibblee, and I am known as Jo. My parents were John and Celia Dibblee. They did a fair amount of genealogical research of both their families as a retirement hobby. This part of my website gives the research into the Beddome family, through my mother's grandmother. Click here for more geneaology of my family.

This is described as 'Beddome' genealogy, and yet you can see that the Beddomes come fairly far back. My parents researched the Beddomes because of a family story (proved false) that they were a Huguenot family. The line of descent goes quite a way through the female line rather than the male. Nothing wrong with that! Also, at one point cousins married which always confuses neat family trees...

Family tree The Beddome Family Tree - This can be used as another index to the individuals

My direct ancestors
Possible earlier ancestors
Rev. John Beddome1675-1757
his sonRev. Benjamin Beddome1716-1795
his sonSamuel Beddome1756-1815
his daughter
his son
Elizabeth Charlesworth (née Beddome)
Richard Boswell Beddome
Elizabeth's son
Richard's daughter
Rev. Samuel Charlesworth
Maria Amelia Charlesworth (née Beddome)
their daughterFlorence Barclay (née Charlesworth)1862-1921
her daughterClaudia Lilian Packe (née Barclay)1894-1973
her daughterCelia Elizabeth Dibblee (née Packe)1922-2005
her daughterJo Edkins (née Dibblee) - me!1953-
Samuel's brother-in-lawSamuel Favell1760-1830
Samuel's brotherBoswell Brandon Beddome and family1763-1816
Elizabeth's husbandRev. John Charlesworth1782-1864
Rev. Samuel's sisterMaria Louisa Charlesworth1819-1880
Maria's brotherCol. Richard Henry Beddome1830-1911
Maria's brotherCharles Edward Beddome1839-1898
Florence's sisterMaud Ballington Booth, née Charlesworth1865-1948
Wikipedia articles
Rev. Benjamin Beddome
Edward Parker Charlesworth
Maria Louisa Charlesworth
Colonel Richard Henry Beddome
Florence L. Barclay
Maud Ballington Booth (née Charlesworth)
Vera Barclay
Other documents
Letters from John Beddome to his son
Benjamin Beddome's personal life
Benjamin Beddome's biography
Extracts from Baptist Annual Register(c.1795)
Memoir about Benjamin Beddome (1835)
Extracts from History of Bourton Baptist Church (1861)
Some hymns of Benjamin Beddome
Census records connected with Beddomes
Beddome family bible
Ministering Children by Maria Louisa Charlesworth
Accounts of Maria Charlesworth (née Beddome)
Probates connected with Richard Boswell Beddome
Article mentioning Richard Boswell Beddome
Forests of India
Darwinism and the Beddome / Charlesworth families
Accounts of Maud Ballington Booth's life
Punch articles mentioning Florence Barclay
Photos of Florence Barclay's children
Cyril Barclay's wedding
The Cresta Run
Celia Packe's wartime experiences
Celia's own wartime memoirs
Beddomes in Australia
The Barclay Voice
The Huguenot Cross
Burdett riots
Rev. John Beddome
Rachel Beddome
Benjamin Beddome
Samuel Beddome
Boswell Brandon Beddome
Richard Boswell Beddome
Samuel and John Favell
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