Letter from Andrew David Geddes to his uncle

This is written by John Geddes (V) to his uncle John Geddes (IV). This is a copy of a copy so the copyists may have made mistakes. Apologies for any of mine.

Letter to Maj. Genrl. Geddes K.H., 15 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh 1854

Cathedral Hotel, London, Saturday October 28th

My dear Uncle,

I have now for the first time since I arrived, time to tell you how I get on with the metropolis. I saw Mr. Powell on Thursday and presented your letter. He gave me all the information he could about the Inniskillings, which was not much. John is likely to keep his town adjuctancy at Fredericton, unless the Colonel wishes him recalled to headquarters, which is not likely to happen. I could not find Captin Raymond yesterday either at his chambers or the Club. I left your note with my card and shall most likely see him on Monday. I called on Mr. Dolan and thanked him in your name for the Gazettes, he has been so kind as to see about any changes in my appointments which I may require. I go down to Brighton today and wrote Miss Hessing to that effect yesterday. Tell Aunt the commissions are all safe yet. There is to be a grand day at the Crystal Palace today for the relief of the soldiers' widows and orphans. The band of the French Guards have come over to play at it and there are nine other bands of the Horse and Foot Guards. I am just going to the Brighton train so adieu for the present. With kind remembrances to Aunt and Uncle, I remain your affectionate nephew, A.D. Geddes.

(Note on back in the General's writing, probably to Maggie):

I send you this in case you may not have a letter today. J.G.

Letter from Andrew Geddes

This is written by Andrew David Geddes to his uncle John Geddes (IV).

Andrew Geddes started in the 39th Regiment, but transferred to 27th Regiment - gazette 18th August 1854, just before this letter. The 27th regiment was the olde regiment of John Geddes (IV), and he was to become its honary Colonel in a few years time.

Miss Hessing may be Madeline Mary Hessing, who married John Geddes (V) (Andrew's brother) in 1862. Madeline was the niece of the wife of John Geddes (IV) - presumably the 'Aunt' referred to in the letter. The Uncle may be David, the unmarried brother of John Geddes (IV).

The letter was passed onto Margaret Geddes, the sister of Andrew Geddes.