Geddes census returns

These are from poor copies of sometimes illegible hand-writing. I have done my best!


Airfield FarmAdam Geddes50Farmer Army Hp [half-pay?]
Marion Geddes35
Andrew Geddes6
Agnes Dickson20F.S. [family servant?]
Abram Bailie20Ag. Lab.
James Brodie20Ag. Lab.
Samuel Karlie20Ag. Lab.
Walter Bailie40Ag. Lab.
Alison Bailie40Ag. Lab.
John Bailie15Ag. Lab.
Ann Bailie14
Walter Bailie12
William Bailie12
Janet Bailie10
Archibald Bailie7
Andrew Bailie4
Hillary Bailie1

Andrew Geddes is the youngest son of Adam Gordon Geddes. The other two children must be staying elsewhere. See below.


15 Salibury RoadJohn GeddesHead of Family64Colonel in the Army
Madeline GeddesWife48
David GeddesBrother58??
Margaret GeddesNiece21
?Old 15 Salisbury Road
Salisbury Road has been altered and renumbered,
but this building seems to be the old 15 Salisbury Road.

This is the family of John Geddes IV, the son of John Geddes III. Margaret Geddes is the daughter of Adam Gordon Geddes.


7 Henderson RowAdam G. GeddesHeadWidower60Army paymaster half pay
Andrew D. GeddesSonunmarried16Student Naval Military Academy
Elizabeth RennieServantunmarried23House servant

Adam Geddes has moved back to Edinburgh, but still only has his youngest son living with him. His wife has died. His oldest son has started on his military career. His daughter seems to be living with her uncle (see above).

7 Henderson Row
7 Henderson Row (the takeaway)


26,27 & 28 Hamilton PlaceAdam G. GeddesHeadWidower70Paymaster Army - half pay
John GeddesSonunmarried29Captain 76th Foot
Madeline M. HessingNiece & vistorunmarried29House servant
Agnes DickServantunmarried31Domestic servant
Jane HardieServantunmarried45Domestic cook

This is John Geddes V, the oldest son who is in the middle of his military career. He married Madeline Hessing in 1862. The younger son, Andrew Geddes, is in India in the army. Margaret Deddes, Adam's daughter, is married by this time.