Geddes memorial

This memorial is at Canongate Kirk Cemetery in Edinburgh.

I am grateful to the Gravestone Photographic Resource who provided the photo and inforamtion below. The copyright belongs to a Gravestone Photographic Resource volunteer. No further use may be made of either without their permission. I have added some of my own comments at the end.

All the legible names shown on the John Geddes grave monument (GPR grave number 163020 - image name 10919):

Full nameAgeBirth year (calc.)Burial yearRelationship
John Geddes7717531830
Margaret Duncan6317581821wife of John Geddes, 1st February 1821
Crawfurd Geddes1796son of John Geddes, 10th June 1796
John Geddes7717671844son of John Geddes, 28th April 1844
Madelina Hessing5518151870daughter-in-law of John Geddes, 1st March 1870
Grizell Geddes1782daughter of John Geddes, 19th August 1782
Adam Gordon Geddes7117901861son of John Geddes, 3rd May 1861
Matilda Faulds5517951850daughter-in-law of John Geddes, 12th September 1850
Daniel Geddes7417931867son of John Geddes
James Geddes1816son of 31st January 1816

Geddes monument

There is a suggestion for a monument among the family papers relating to the death of James Geddes, but of a different form and it can never have happened. This monument says at the bottom "Erected by David Geddes, fourth son and last survivor of the family". He means "the last survivor of this generation" as his brother Adam had several children, and I am descended from him.

There are a few errors in this - see webpage of John Geddes III for details of the family.
'Daniel Geddes' is David Geddes, I think and this must have been added later, as it was David Geddes who erected the monument.
'Matilda Faulds' must be Marion Geddes, née Faulds, wife of Adam Gordon Geddes.
'Madelina Hessing' was Madelina, née Hessing, wife of John Geddes IV. Perhaps it's a Scottish habit to put maiden names on memorials!
'James Geddes' is the sixth son and seventh child of John Geddes III. He died in 1816 in a shipwreck off Ireland, and was buried in Ireland.