Robot alphabet


Try typing letters, one at a time. Scroll down for more information.

This page can be used in several ways. It encourages very young children to use a keyboard. It can teach them their letters, like an old fashioned alphabet book. But since it uses adjectives and verbs rather than just nouns, you can learn colours, or directions, or sizes, or actions. Try combining letters for extra effects, or see if you can find opposites. And you can just play with it...

Type a letter, and the robot may change. You can use upper or lower case. Some letters are cumulative (it gets more and more), some are not. Sometimes the robot does nothing because it's already like that - for example, if it's already in the centre of the screen, then "C" doesn't apparently do anything. Every letter does something beginning with that letter, except X which returns you to the initial position). Here are the actions:

A: acrobat
B: blue
C: centre
D: down
E: enormous
F: fatter
G: green
H: help
I: ill
J: jump
K: kick
L: left
M: minute
N: narrower
O: orange
P: purple
Q: quit (type X to get it to return)
R: right
S: shorter
T: taller
U: up
V: vanish (it will reappear after a bit)
W: white
X: return to initial state
Y: yellow
Z: zoom (move to random position)