People who lived in Gwydir Street in 1904

This information comes from The Cambridge Explorer - CD-ROM. I don't think it's available any more.

The 1904 Street and General Directory of Cambridge

Published by W.P.Spalding, 43 Sidney Street, Cambridge.

West Side
Here is Norfolk Street
1Sivile, Johngreengrocer
3Bennett, J. Robertbuilder
5Nunn, Mrs. Alicedressmaker
7Dean, Frederickprinter
9Redfern, Jamesbutcher
11Gibson, Arthurrailway servant
13Walton, Mrs. Eleanor 
15Redfarn, Josephbutcher
17a ---  
17Hartley, Joseph.fishmonger
19Clarke, Mrs. Elizabeth 
21Jackon, Joseph Henrycarpenter
23Banyard, Philipbuilder
25Peel, Zacchaeus 
27Clark, Mrs. 
29Scott, Henryhairdresser
31Harrison, F. Georgecoach-body maker
33North, Harrycarpenter
35Goymer, Mrs. 
37Haddow, JosephG.E.R. railway servant
39Denston, Frederickcarpenter
41Levett, John G.brewer's labourer
43Manning, Georgepainter
45Utteridge, JamesGwydir Arms
47White, Harry 
49Wallis, J.confectioner, etc.
51Phillips, H.T. 
53Pettitt, Josiahjoiner
55Cundell, William 
57Bridgeman, Mrs. 
59Pamphilon and Sonbuilders
61Mansfield, ---  
63Moule, Arthur 
& 67
Good, Alfred W.butcher
69 --- 
71Curtis A.firelighter
73Chalky, Williamcarpenter
75Thompson, Jamescarpenter
77Charter, Williamcarpenter
79Harding, J. 
81Dunthorn, Jabezcarpenter
83Cardinell, Johnwhitesmith
85Alderson, Robertplasterer
87Strange, Mrs. Mary
Strange, Sidney
89Hardy, Walterpainter
91Hitchings, Frederick 
93Doggett, Miss Sarah 
95Rutter, Arthur 
97Rogers, H.basket maker
99Smee, John 
101Tiplady, G.E.tailor
103Taylor, OwenBrewers' Arms
105Staden, Alfredtailor
107Fallows, Johnguard G.E.R.
109Sanderson, J. 
111Gates, J. Gibbs 
113Parr, Philipagent
115Woodcock, G. 
117Perry, Johnrailway servant
119Kirbyshire, Edwardpensioner
121Baker, Willam 
123Tookey, Waltercarpenter
125Phillips, Thomastimekeeper G.E.R.
127Baker, Mrs. 
129Saunders, Walterjoiner
131Parr, Arthur R.clerk
133Trudgett, John
Trudgett, Mrs. Sarah
railway servant
certified monthly nurse
135Hawkins, F. Seymourmilkman
Here are Gwydir Cottages
137Butcher, Abrahampainter & decorator
139Hayward, Francis C. 
141Worledge, George 
145Lambert, Kingevangelist
147Eagle, Edward 
149Pask, C.T. 
151Britain, Miss 
& 155
Beasley, Henry & Alfredpainters and decorators
Exeter Cottage
157Tucker, Josephinspector of police, G.E.R.
159Bond, John 
161Keal, J.P. 
163Martin, H.A.tailor
Building land
167Kent, Johnslater
169Phillips, Arthurbookseller
171Newell, Williamengine driver
173Plumb, Fredrailway servant, G.E.R.
175Munns, Lushertelegraphist
177Wilson, Alexander 
179Morley, Christopher 
181Ambrose, Theophilusblacksmith
182Dale's Brewery
Dale, Frederick
brewer, wine and spirit merchant
183Nunn, Alfredcustodian of Parker's Piece
185Bainbridge Alfred, tailor
Here is Mill Road

East Side
Here is Norfolk Street
Flack, Jamespainter
 Jaggs, -fish merchant
2Tiplady, Charles 
4Miles, R.W.carpenter
8Sainte, - 
10Long, Charles 
12Kerry, Georgeboot salesman
The Beaconsfield Club
Here is Milford Street
22Erden, P.F.Alexandra Arms
24 --- 
Alpha Cottage
28Shallow, F.W.compositor
32Odell, Elijahmarine store dealer
34Odell, Elijahgreengrocer
36Willis, Miss Elizabethdressmaker
44Fuller, Jamesengine driver G.E.R.
46Wesson, Mrs. Harriet 
48Hammond, WilliamG.E.R. engine driver
50Key, Edwardgrocer
52Smith, Frederickporter
54Lawrence, Thomaslabourer
56Doggett, T. 
58Laidlow, J. 
60Tingey, Stephen 
& 64
Brown, Charleshardware stores
66 --- 
68Clarke, Edwardporter
70Smith, Tompoulterer
72Smith, Mrs. 
74Harwood, Johnbaker
76Shoote, T.
Hogge, H.E.
78Butler, Williamrailway servant G.E.R.
80Smith, Mrs 
82Miller, Ambrosebricklayer
84Smith, Mrs. Eliza 
86Brown, Samuelengine driver
88Cook, Mrs. 
90Hornsby, Willam 
92Simons, Williambricklayer
94Pointon, H.J. 
96Simons, Samuelbricklayer
98Mansfield, Williamlabourer
100Sutton, - 
102Brinter, Mrs 
104Saunders, Martnplatelayer
106Burbage, W.L.baker
108Cornwell, Henrylabourer
110Clarke, William H.bricklayer
112Page, O. 
114Gibbs, -painter
116Scriven, F.W.tailor
118Smee, McAlbert 
120Betts, Philiplabourer
122Crawshaw, Sidneyclerk
124 --- 
126Hayden, Frederick C.printer
128Parker, A.W.police constable
130Darling, W. 
132Morley, Johnshoemaker
134Hutton, Harryfishmonger, etc.
136Kett, G. 
138Butler, Bros.grocers
Here is Hooper Street
140aWoollard, Mrs Mary 
140Pearce, J. 
142Cooke Alfred 
144Watson, Herbertgrocer
146 --- 
148Bigg, G.E.printer
152Lofts, Arthurclerk
154Jarvis, Mrs Elizabethlaundress
156 --- 
158Elliott, Philipengine driver
160Deeks, Johnpensioner
162Rayner, William S.coachman
164Jackson, A.printer
166Hawes, Leonardtailor's cutter
168Andrews, Thomas 
170Greenhill, Johncook
172Goddard, Mrs. 
174Betts, Williamcarpenter
176Peren, Richardengine driver G.E.R.
178Corder, Harryrailway servant G.E.R.
180Pateman, Haroldrailway servant G.E.R.
182Howell, Henry W. 
184Rendell, E.T.relieving officer
and inspector
under the Infant
Life Protection Act
186Parr, Davidpainter
188Pigg, C.S.stonemason
190Lander, Frederick 
192Wilkins, E.A. 
Here is Mill Road

Gwydir Cottages
1Combe, Robert M.tailor
2Ryder, Joseph 
4Ison, Arthurpainter

Upper Gwydir Street
1Moore, John 
2Bradbury, Johncabinet maker
3Butler, R.H. 
4Quinsec, John T.plumber
5Overton, H.plumber
6Asplen, CharlesG.E.R. fireman
7Wolfe, Arthur 
8Holland, W.bricklayer
9Cornwell, J. 
10Cook, C.W.coal and coke merchant

There may be some errors in the original directory. Dale's Brewery was described as 182, when it is in the east side of Gwydir Street, which has odd numbers. There is another 182 on the west side. The full description was: 182 Dale's Brewery, Dale, Frederick, brewer, wine and spirit merchant (wholesale and retail), wine and spirit stores, Alexandra Street, Petty Cury.

There are three pubs, two of which have gone and the Alexandra Arms remains. The Cambridge Blue (at 85 Gwydir Street) is not mentioned, even under its previous name of the Dewdrop Inn. But a publican lives at 87. Possibly there was a mistake, or a house renumbering, or someone lived in a flat over the pub while the publican lived next door.

Upper Gwydir Street is not marked on the map, but is in the street directory. In fact, there has been remarkably little change in the last hundred years.

Map of Gwydir Street 1904

Many gaps in the modern Gwydir Street must have always been there as yards, since there are no corresponding gaps in the house numbers. Number 62 has been demolished though.

118 people gave their occupations in the 1904 street directory. I don't know if the rest were unemployed, refused to give their occupation, had private means or were retired (this was before old age state pensions). Here is a summary of the occupations.

Food and Drink
2 baker
1 brewer
1 brewer's labourer
3 butchers
1 confectioner
1 cook
2 fishmongers
1 fish merchant
3 grocers
2 greengrocers
2 milkmen
1 poulterer
4 publicans
Total = 24

1 custodian of Beaconsfield Club
1 custodian of Parker's Piece
1 police constable
1 Infant Life Protection Act inspector
Total = 4

7 railway engine driver
1 (railway?) firelighter
1 railway fireman
1 railway guard
1 railway inspector of police
1 railway platelayer
8 railway servant
1 railway timekeeper
Total = 21

1 coachman
1 coach-body maker
Total = 2

Books &
1 bookseller
1 compositor
4 printers
Total = 6

Clothing & Appearance
1 boot salesman
2 dressmakers
1 hairdresser
1 laundress
1 shoemaker
7 tailors
1 tailor's cutter
Total = 14

White collar
1 agent
1 certified monthly nurse
3 clerks
1 telegraphist
Total = 6

Other Retail
1 hardware stores
1 marine store dealer
1 coal & coke merchant
Total = 3

5 bricklayers
3 builders
10 carpenters
2 joiners
5 labourers
8 painters
1 plasterer
2 plumbers
1 slater
1 stonemason
Total = 38

Non-construction and craft
1 basket maker
1 blacksmith
1 cabinet maker
1 whitesmith
Total = 4

1 evangelist
2 porters
2 pensioners
Total = 5

Map of Gwydir Street 1904

The most popular trade was in construction. There were over 200 carpenters for the whole of Cambridge, not counting joiners or cabinet makers! However, there were a lot of railway workers, who seem proud to work for Great Eastern Railways (G.E.R). This photo of the station is around 1900, and it looks very similar to today apart from the traffic! Great Eastern Railway was advertised in the 1904 Street Directory as follows:

Great Eastern Railway

The direct and express route from Cambridge to London, Ipswich, Harwich, Norwich, Cromer, Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Lynn, Hunstanton, Peterborough, Spalding, Lincoln, Gainsborough, Doncaster, York, etc.

In connection at Peterborough with the G.N., Midland and L. & N.W. Co's Trains; at Lincoln with the G.N. and G.C.Co's Train; at Doncaster with the G.N.L.Y., and N.R.Co's Trains and at York with the N.E.Co's Trains. Through tickets are issued to all principal towns in England, Scotland and Wales.

While we're on transport, here is a splendid photograph of the last horse drawn tram, in East Road, in 1914. I hope it wasn't always this full! I'm sure that the inhabitants of Gwydir Street would have used it. The routes ran between the station and the Post Office via Regent Street and Hills Road, and between East Road and Market Hill via Lensfield Road and Trumpington Street.

Last horse drawn tram

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