History of 38 Gwydir Street

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Bernard Webb, stationer, lived in 38 Gwydir St in 1892 (see Kelly's Directory), having previously lived at number 39 in 1883.

Mrs A. Webb, greengrocer and newsagent lived here in 1913 (see Spalding's Directory) and she was still there in 1916 (see Kelly's Directory), now described as Mrs Amelia Webb, stationer.

From Capturing Cambridge:


David Pettit, head, 34, carpenter employing 2 men, b Suffolk
Julia M, wife, 34, b Suffolk
Richard, son, 13, scholar, b Suffolk
Stammers [?] H, son, 11, scholar, b Suffolk
Westrop E, son, 10, scholar, b Suffolk
Leo Charles, son, 8, scholar, b Suffolk
Bertie G, son, 4, scholar, b Cambridge
Eva, daughter, 3, b Cambridge
unnamed infant, son, 1 mo, b Cambridge

CIP 22.11.1884
: Alleged Assault, Ambrose leech, 38, Gwydir Street, Cambridge, was summoned by G F A Mills, builder, for assaulting him. A cross summons was issued against the complainant by the defendant. Several witnesses were called on both sides, but the evidence was so conflicting that the Bench decided to dismiss both summonses.

Bernard Webb, head, 45, tinplate worker
Amelia L, wife, 47, b Sussex
Louisa A, daughter, 16, b Sussex
George H Dark, nephew, 16, smith’s apprentice, b London
Rose M Webb, niece, 14, b London
Amelia M Dark, niece, 4, b London

CIP 29.3.1895
: Miss Webb gave evidence for the assault of Henry Thomas Philips of 14 Norfolk Street by Thomas Doncaster of Adam and Eve Row, on 22.3.1895.

Bernard Webb, 53, ???? agent, b Sussex
Amelia L, 51, b Sussex
Eliza A Jarvis, servant, b Cambridge
George H Whiffin, 41, locomotive engine driver, b Cambridge

Amelia Louisa Webb, widow, 61, newsagent, b Sussex
Clara Flood, assistant, 22, b Cambridge
Violet Cicely Webb, 9, adopted daughter, b Middlesex
Eileen Marguerite Porter, nurse child, 5 months, b Chesterton
Rebecca Phillips, lodger, 80, b Newnham

Mrs A Webb, greengrocer and newsagent

CIP 20.8.1915
: Roll of Honour: Herbert Arthur Tyrrell, 38 Gwydir Street. Enlisted in the 3rd / 1st Cambs.

Hilda P Bebee, b 1889, clerk statistics food producer

Miss H Bebee

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