History of 40 Gwydir Street - Hope Cottage

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William Benstead, carpenter, lived in 40 Gwydir St in 1913 (see Spalding's Directory).

There is a memory of Hubert 'Ben' Benstead in 2010. He was born in Gwydir St in 1910, but unfortunately doesn't say which house! In 1913, there was a Benstead living at 5 Gwydir St, 17a Gwydir St and 40 Gwydir St. The memory is given under 5 Gwydir St.

The 1881 Census shows that Ned Pamphilon and family lived at 40 Gwydir Street (Hope Cottage). Ned Pamphilon and his brother James Pamphilon lived in various houses in Gwydir St, number 40, number 55, number 57, and number 59.

See number 55 for more on the Pamphilons.

From Capturing Cambridge:


Ned Pamphilon, head, 35, carpenter, b Whittlesford
Phebe, wife, 39, b Burwell
Edith L, daughter, 10, scholar, b Manchester
Horace E, son, 4, b Cambridge
Mary A, daughter, 2, b Cambridge

Ned Pamphilon, head, 45, master builder, b Whittlesford
Pheobe [sic], wife, 49, b Burwell
Horace, son, 14, carpenter’s apprentice, b Cambridge
Mary, daughter, 12, scholar, b Cambridge
Constance, daughter, 9, scholar, b Cambridge
Mabel, daughter, 6, scholar, b Cambridge
Laura C, daughter, 4, scholar, b Cambridge
Arthur R G, son, 1, scholar, b Cambridge

William F Benstead, carpenter and joiner
Emily R
Frederick A
Herbert W
Winifred R
Arthur E
Stanley F, 4 mos, b Cambridge

William Frederick Benstead, 47, carpenter and joiner, b Cambridge
Emily Rosa, 45, b Cambridge
Frederick A, 20, law clerk, b Cambridge
Herbert William, 16, cook’s assistant, b Cambridge
Winifred R, 14, b Cambridge
Arthur E, 12, b Cambridge
Florence H, 6, b Cambridge

William Benstead

Herbert William Benstead was captured and died of wounds in 1917 in France. He had been transferred from the Cambridgeshire to the Gloucestershire Regiment.

CDN 20.11.1917
: Pte H W Benstead. Mr and Mrs W L Benstead of Tring House Gwydir Street have been officially notified that their second son Pte H W Benstead formerly of the Cambs Regt and has been ‘missing’ since October 9th. His chum writes that he was wounded on that date and carried down on a stretcher and from that time no trace of him can be found. An officer from his company describes him as a fine soldier and much liked by officers and men, and adds that one and all are deeply grieved to have lost him. Mr and Mrs Benstead will be grateful for any news from chums who may hav seen their son.
For more information see the Mill Road Cemetery entry.

photo of Pte Bensted

Alice Pettit, b 1871, house duties
Winifred A, 1895, dressmaker
Ralph E, 1906, lab assistant (Air Raid Warden)

Miss W Pettit

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