James I

Previous queen: Elizabeth I       Reigned: 1603-1625       Next king: Charles I (son)

James I James I (of England) was already James VI of Scotland. This meant that there was one king of both England and Scotland. He started a new dynasty, the Stuarts, from his family name. He believed in the divine right of kings to rule, which made him unpopular with the English Parliament.

Searching under the Houses of Parliament In 1605, a group of Catholics led by Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament during the State Opening of Parliament by the king. This is called the Gunpowder Plot. It is still celebrated today every year at Bonfire Night, with bonfires and fireworks, on November 5th. Also, at every State Opening of Parliament, the cellars of the Houses of parliament are searched for gunpowder by the Yeomen of the Guard (see right).


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