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Bobbin lace Bucks Point stem or branch

Bucks Point flower stems

A gimp can make a stem or branch by catching a single stitch at the end, then doubling back on itself. Click here for how to work a gimp.

gimp stemWork the lace down to the gimp line.
gimp stemTake the inner gimp and work it across all relevant pairs, including the pair at the end from the opposite direction. Do not twist the pairs after the gimp.
gimp stemSort out the last two pairs to have crossed the gimp. Twist them both twice. Do a stitch with them.
gimp stemTake the gimp back across the pairs. This time, do twist the pairs after the gimp stitch.

It doesn't really matter what the end stitch is, as it gets hidden by the gimp.The gimp also tends to sag, and hide the row of pin holes underneath the gimp. So lift up the gimp with a pin before doing these stitches, to make sure that you use the right hole.