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Maltese headside

This headside was on a Maltese lace mat which came from my grandmother.

picture of lace
Maltese headside See pattern 232.

The thicker line (blue) shows the plait.

Bobbin lace Maltese headside

There is a worker pair (pinks). There are three parts to this headside.
It is attached to the rest of the lace (greys) using cloth stitch and twist, pin, cloth stich and twist.
The workers travel through the two pairs of passives, also using cloth stitch and twist.
The edge of the headside is two pairs, worked as a plait.
The pink workers cross these edge pairs using cloth stitch. The workers are twisted, pin inside both the workers and the plait, and then the workers travel back again through the plaited pairs using cloth stitch.

The headside is shaped by the position of the pins. Apart from that, it is really just the worker pair going through all the other pairs, back and forth.