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Pattern 444 - Triple picot edge

Picture of lace

Pattern of lace

Bobbins: 7 pairs

Style: Tape

   cloth stitch

   solid cloth stitch (red)
   triple picot edge (green and pink)

Description: This is a simple strip of cloth stitch, with a decorative edge on each side. There are groups of three picots. The cloth strip in the centre has the same worker pair throughout. This worker pair leaves the strip, is twisted, does cloth stitch through the edge pair, makes a picot, then cloth stitch through the edge pair again. This edge pair now makes its own picot, and cloth stitch through the worker pair. The worker pair makes the third picot, cloth stitch through the edge pair, and both pairs are twisted. The worker pair does cloth stitch through the strip to get to the other side for the next group of picots. That means that the worker pair not only does the whole of the strip, it does two thirds of the picots as well (firest and third of each group). The edge pair does a third of the picots (middle of each group). The picots are coloured to make it easier to see which does what.

The cloth strip is rather sparse, as the worker pair rows get rather spaced out by the edging.

Picture of lace
Close up of the lace, so you can see the working in more detail