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Half Stitch

How to do a half stitch

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Description: C T

Working: Swap the middle two bobbins (left over right), then both the outer pairs (right over left).

This is half of a cloth stitch and twist. Half stitch is used in many compound stitches.

The German for half stitch is Halbschlag, the Dutch is netslag and (I think) the French is demi-point. Other English names for half stitch are half throw, half passing and half point.

This definition of half stitch belongs to the Cross twist lace tradition. Click here for the difference between Cross twist and Twist cross.

Solid half stitch

Solid half stitch. It looks like lattice-work. The bobbin pairs get mixed up. See pattern 4.

Torchon ground

Torchon ground. This is half stitch, pin, half stitch. The bobbin pairs stay together. See pattern 5.