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Derivation:From the Amazon (in South America)
Formula: KAlSi3O8
Description: Green mottled stone. If you turn it, you sometimes see white glints (see below, right).

Amazonite The Brazilian Amazons gave green stones to the men who visited them. This was beleived to be amazonite, but in fact, it was probably nephrite (jade).

Amazonite is a microcline feldspar, which means that it cleaves into not quite squarish chunks (unlike orthoclase).

Larger pictures of Amazonite:

This specimen is natural. The first photo shows the colour. If you split Amazonite, it cleaves along natural planes. The second photo shows how shiny this clevage plane can be (it hasn't been polished).

Amazonite Amazonite

This specimen has been polished (tumbled). It brings out the colour better.