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Derivation:From "apate" (Greek) deceit
Formula: Ca5(PO4)3(F,Cl,OH)
Description: This specimen is a blue crystal. It can also be green, grey-green, white, brown, yellow or red!

Apatite is called a deceiving stone because it has been confused with other minerals, such as lapis lazuli.

Apatite is economically important as a fertiliser, because it's a phosphate. Luckily not all Apatite looks as pretty as this piece, otherwise it would be a shame to grind it up for fertiliser.

Apatite is calcium phosphate, which is what our teeth and bones are made of.

Larger pictures of Apatite:

Apatite can be of different colours. Here are some crystals of various colours.

Apatite Apatite


This is a chunk of apatite (not a crystal).


This is polished (tumbled).


This is cut and polished.