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Derivation:From "cuprum" (Latin) from Cyprus
Description: Copper is a beautiful colour, pinky gold. Since it is a metal, it is shiny (metallic lustre) and opaque. It is also quite heavy. Sometimes, you see crystals (see right).
Copper crystal

Copper was probably the first metal used by man. The name comes from Cyprus, as copper was found in that island. Mixed with tin, it makes bronze, an extremely important metal before iron was in general use. The word "bronze" may come from "birinj", which is Persian for copper.

Nowadays, copper is used for water pipes (rather than lead, which is poisonous), and electrical wiring.

'Coppers' was a slang term for old pennies in the UK, since they were made of a copper alloy.

Larger pictures of Copper:

The first two specimens are natural copper.


This specimen shows a crystal of copper.


This cut and varnished specimen shows veins of copper.