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Derivation:From "stauros lithos" (Greek) cross stone
Formula: (Fe,Mg)2(Al,Fe)9Si4O20(O,OH)2
Description: Brown opaque crystals in a blade form (on the left of the photograph). You often get "twinning" where two crystals cross over. If this is at right angles (top right), then you get a cross shape. The bottom specimen is twinned but not at right angles.

Staurolites in the shape of crosses were often worn as amulets. They were fairly abundant, not particularly expensive, and so were commonly worn. It must have fascinated people to find natural stones in such a shape.

Another cross shaped minerals is andalusite.

Larger pictures of Staurolite:

This is a single crystal.


These are twinned crystals, which forms a cross where they meet.


Here, the crystals have not met at a right angle.