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Title:Goddess of Love
Viking name:Freya
Day of week:Friday
Thor's hammer

Freya was the most beautiful of the goddesses. She always wore a precious necklace made by the dwarfs. You can see it in the picture on the right (although it's nearly as big as she is!)

One day, Thor's hammer was stolen. Loki searched for it, and found that the giant Thrym had hidden the hammer, and refused to give it back unless Freya became his wife. The gods worked out a plan to get the hammer back while keeping Freya safe. Thor was dressed up as a beautiful woman and Freya even lent him her necklace. Thor had a bristling red beard, so he must have looked ridiculous! He was sent to the giant and Loki went with him. At first the giant was worried about his bride's enormous appetite and fierce eyes, but Loki convinced him that it was Freya. Finally, the giant brought out Thor's hammer, and gave it to his new bride. Thor gave an enormous roar, tore off his wedding dress, and killed the giant with his hammer.

The picture on the left shows Thor's hammer as an amulet or good luck charm.