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Title:The Cunning God
Viking name:Odin
Saxon name:Woden or Wotan
Relations:Father of Thor, Tyr and Balder
Day of week:Wednesday

Odin was the chief and father of the gods.He had a wonderful horse called Sleipnir, which had eight legs, and could travel over land and water. He had two ravens, who brought him news from far away.

He was born from Ymir, the creation giant, and made Middle Earth from his body. He also built Asgard.


Anglo Saxon runes spelling Woden

Odin only had one eye. He gave the other for a drink from a spring of water called Mimir, under Yggdrasill, the World Tree. If you drink from the spring, you will get wisdom and understanding. So Odin became the cleverest of the gods. He invented Runes, the secret writing of the Saxons and Vikings, which not only stored knowledge, but could be used for magic.

Odin with one eye