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Solid shapes and their nets

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This webpage describes simple solid shapes such as cubes, and gives their nets. Their mathematical name is polyhedra.

Regular polyhedra

Cube6 squaresnet
Tetrahedron4 trianglesnet
Octahedron8 trianglesnet
Icosahedron20 trianglesnet
Dodecahedron12 pentagonsnet

Other polyhedra

Pyramid4 triangles & 1 squarenet
Cuboid6 rectanglesnet
Cube Octahedron8 triangles & 6 squaresnet
Buckyball12 pentagons & 20 hexagonsnet
StarVarious trianglesnet
Euler's formula
Glossary of mathematical language
For teachers - including links and books
Explanation of flat shapes such as pentagons and hexagons