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Dodecagons, hexagons & squares

Grids --- triangle --- square --- hexagon --- sq & tri --- hex & tri --- hex, sq & tri --- oct & sq --- dodeca & tri --- dodeca, hex & sq --- pentagons --- waffle --- fish

Print this grid either by printing the whole webpage, or by right-clicking on it and click on 'Print Picture'.

Download this grid onto your own computer by right-clicking on it, clicking on 'Save Picture As', and saving it into a folder. Then you can open it in Paint or other paint software, and colour it in as you want, by using Fill (the paint-pot). In Windows, you can find Paint by clicking on Start, then Programs, then Accessories. Of course, you can also colour it in with crayons, felt tips or real paint!

Some dodecagons, hexagons and squares tessellations