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This webpage gives you quick, useful practice in typing.

Type the red letter above. When you have finished the letter or word, another appears immediately, so type that. At the end of the go, you will be told how many you have typed. Try again, and see if you can improve.

If you make a mistake, you will be told so. Type the right letter to remove the message.

You can select smaller collections of letters, or short words. You can alter the font, the length of go and what colour the letter is.

New feature (November 2012): You can select capitals rather than lower case (because the keyboard is capitals). Also now it does not matter whether you type in capitals or lower case. What matches is the letter, not what case it is in.

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If you are interested in learning touch typing, try this website.
If you find this webpage too simple, and want something more challenging, try this website. It gives you your speed in words per minute, and accuracy rate.

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