CB Postbox Photography Project

Since May 2017 I have been contributing photographs of Post Boxes to a Facebook-based project called Postbox Collection, which aims to acquire pictures of every Post Box in the British Isles. It's difficult to find specific photos in that project, so I have collected mine from Postcode Area CB here with an OpenStreetMap interface to find them.

As well as 10 CB Postcode Districts handled by the Cambridge Delivery Office, there are 2 each handled by Ely and Saffron Walden, and 1 each by Newmarket and Haverhill. Thus CB includes parts of Essex and Suffolk as well as much of Cambridgeshire1. There are about 880 post boxes in all. In numerical terms my coverage is over 91%, but, increasingly, those outstanding are in difficult-to-reach (by public transport and/or bicycle) villages a long way from my starting point in Cambridge.

1 It also includes a handful of houses in Norfolk (Black Horse Drove - in Hilgay parish, although their postal address is Littleport), but no post boxes in Norfolk.

Those for which I have photos are marked in red on the adjacent map. Click on the marker and then on the pop-up to view the photos. Where possible I have pointed the outstanding markers to images of the boxes in Google StreetView. Orange markers show boxes which are marked in OpenStreetMap with their CB reference numbers; yellow are marked in OSM without reference numbers, and magenta are not marked in OSM at all. A few redundant and private boxes of interest are also included, marked in green.


See also BH1-3 Postboxes.

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