Known Edkins Emigrants


Ebenezer EDKINS, the son of Thomas Edkins. Born at Moreton on the Marsh, Gloucester, England on April 12, 1827.
He had a couple of sisters, Sara and Malissie Matilda.
He came to America with his family when he was 7 years old.
They were first in the East and then settled in the state of Indiana in 1839.
His father Thomas was a cobbler and opened a family shoe business in 1840.

William EDKINS
Listed in "Index of Records of Aliens' Declarations of Intention and/or Oaths of Allegiance" (Vol 3 p.15)
Philadelphia PA, 1856.

"Thomas EDKINS migrated to the USA in the mid 1800's from the area of Stratford on Avon"

William John EDKINS b.1858 Stratford-on-Avon.
Emigrated 1879. Lived in Staten Island, NY. Died 1916.
The ships passenger list stated his occupation as a miner

Edward EDKINS, b. 1848, Welford WAR.
Emigrated 1881. Lived in Kansas & Colorado.

Charles EDKINS b.1897 Enfield Middx.
Family came from Lambeth, earlier from Stratford-on-Avon.
Lived in Hamilton, NY

Walter EDKINS born 4 May 1878 Binton
Died Orange County CA 30 Jan 1958.


Charles Albert EDKINS b. October,1886, Aston, WAR.
His father was also Charles, and owned a button factory in Aston/ Birmingham
Emigrated to Canada in approx. 1904.
Died in Quesnel, BC in April 1962.

Albert James Frederick EDKINS. b.1885 Aston Cantlow.
Moved to Canada with his brother Hubert in 1918 or 1919.
They went to Manitoba area possibly Saskatchewan.

South Africa

John EDKINS b.1792. Lived in Reading ca.1817.
Emigrated in 1820 with sons John & Joseph.


Henry James EDKINS (1820-1875), son of Thomas and Louisa(nee Winton) Edkins of Bridgnorth
Arrived Adelaide SA in 1839 on the Barque 'Cleveland' as a 19 year old carpenter.

Henry EDKINS b.1826 Bristol
Died 1891 at Branxholme Vic aged 65 years
His father's names is given at William
The mar. of Henry EDKINS & Caroline Arabella BROUGHTON took place in Vic in 1872.

Mary Sophia EDKINS (daughter of Thomas Edkins and Lousia Winton)
Arriving Victoria in May 1852 aged 6 on "Diana"
with Louisa Edkins 52, Catherine 22, John 13 & Edward R 11
married William Clarke, 9 January 1868 in Bowen QLD
Another brother George Frederick EDKINS also came to Australia apparently

Stanley EDKINS, born 1857, Bristol.
Died in Bendigo in 1919, aged 62
Also his sister Lucy.

New Zealand

Joseph George EDKINS born 1853
The family believes that he has origins in Stratford on Avon.
Came to New Zealand from England via Australia late 1800s.

Sidney Alfred EDKINS born 1865, Birmingham.
He is known to have married in South Africa and brought his family to New Zealand 1908-1912c.

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