Accessories Calculator

No doubt you have used a calculator before, so I won't describe everything Calculator can do. If you want to find out what a button does, or what its keyboard shortcut is (these are surprisingly useful), right click on it and click on "What's This?"

The calculator view will probably be Standard, rather than Scientific. Click on the "View" menu to change this. The Scientific view gives you a lot more buttons to play with, and also says 1+2*3=7 instead of 1+2*3=9.

The Scientific view does have one disadvantage, which is that you won't see a square root button. To calculate the square root of the number, click on "Inv" then "x^2". The "Inv" checkbox can be used for most functions.

When in Scientific mode, careful you don't click on "Hex", "Oct" or "Bin" by accident (alternative number systems) or "Radians" or "Gradients" (alternative angle units).

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